Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm getting older, too

I loved going to the mall when I was little. I suppose my shopping habits began early. Most of my early mall memories were fond: the Hello Kitty store, throwing pennies in the fountain, the most perfect cinnamon rolls. There was one store, however, I loathed. As it just so happened, it was a store my parents loved. I called it The Kitchen Store.

Aisle after aisle of kitchen gadgetry. Spatulas and pots and pans and sifters. Measuring cups and cutting boards and oven mitts. I could not understand it. How were any of these things fun or even pretty? The only way I could remotely entertain myself in The Kitchen Store was at the refrigerator magnet display. Even so, there was a limited amount of fun one could have with magnetic pigs wearing aprons and plastic bananas and signs telling you to Kiss the Cook.

The day I realized I was an official adult came at the precise moment I realized how much I enjoyed kitchen gadgetry. I'm pretty sure I called my parents and apologized for all the times I begged to pass over The Kitchen Store. And then I probably told them about the most amazing nonstick bundt pan I had just found and how had I ever lived without it and y'all should get one too!

Last week, Justin and I were walking around our neighborhood in search of a hardware store when we found it. A Kitchen Store within mere blocks from our apartment.

I could have bought three of everything. And it turns out I am not alone.
One Mr. Rigoloso was picking up gadgets nearly as fast as I.

I'm a sucker for little dishes to put my rings in while I wash dishes or cook or clean.

The cutest little spoon you ever did see. I think it's actual purpose is a rice spoon?
We'll use it as a coffee scoop.

In the words of Fleetwood Mac...
Time makes you bolder, children get older, I'm getting older, too.

Pretty sure Stevie Nicks didn't write that song in reference to The Kitchen Store. Or maybe she did.


  1. i have been listening to fleetwood mac alllll week. we are so obviously sisters from another mother.

  2. I'm with you girl! I've always been in love with the kitchen since I was a little girl! when I went to the mall I would rather go to the kitchen gadget store then macys! hehe

    Dont forget to come by my blog, and enter to win a Coach wristlet!

  3. Haha you are so awesome. That is so true about the magnets being the only fun part of that store when you're little.

    When my sister and I were little my Mom would take us to a women's clothing store called DEBS so she could shop. I hated it. But the girls working there would turn up the music for us and we would make up dance routines in front of the dressing room doors because they all had mirrors on them. So then it was fun. :)

  4. Colleen- Woah. We really are.

    Camylla- Welcome! How 'bout the kitchen store and Macy's? No need to leave anyone out. Wink.

    Candis- We could have played with the magnets together and then host a dance party at Debs. I can just see your sassy self shakin' it in front of the big mirrors. Ha!

  5. i know i felt the same way when i was a kid when my mom would drag us to the fabric store!! and look at me now! i am doing the same thing to mine :) and they will probably be those kids that mom used to make my clothes when i was a kid! ha


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