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Guesting // Shannon from The Scribble Pad

Hello Friends!
While I am off introducing my parents to NYC,
I wanted to leave you inspired by some of my favorite ladies in all of blogland.
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Welcome Shannon from The Scribble Pad!

The Fab (and drab) of City Living

Hello!  I am Shannon from The Scribble Pad.  I am so excited to be here guest posting for Molly.  You see, we are kindred spirits.  Do you want to know why?  Well, I guess I can tell you.

We love coffee and creamer.  Like seriously.  And they just aren't the same without each other.  Molly had a rough go when she ran out.  And I need toothpicks for my eyelids when I miss my morning cup.
There is an appreciation for shoes that runs deep in our soles...ha.  Too cheesy?  Well, it is true.  Good shoes are one of the finer points in life.  Which is why I know she can appreciate that one of the gifts I gave my husband last year was a shoe-fast.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  A shoe-fast.  I am not purchasing a single new pair for all of 2011.  Good thing Molly isn't joining me, or she would have passed up these beauties.
We live in very eggshell white corporate apartments.  It is a difficult existence, especially for bloggers who are enveloped in a flood on inspiration and design.  We go home to white walls.  We will band together and survive.  And continue to dream through pinterest.
Finally we married into difficult spelling.
You have likely read all about Molly's last name.
But here is how I spell mine, and folks still get it wrong:
SchreiBer - SCH - REI (Yes, the "E" is before the "I." I know.  Not what we learned in grade school.) - B as in boy - E - R.
You see!  Identical twin sisters tragically separated at birth. 
Because all of the things I just mentioned clearly have to do with genetics.
But alas, I better get on with the real reason you are reading this post.  Why city life is most often fantastically fabulous and other times, so terribly drab it makes us run for the hills, or Darien(just in case you missed it)

The fabulousness of city living:
There is never a shortage of things to do.  From museums (duh) to window shopping and people watching.  Cities offer the hustle and bustle that keep tourists coming back which gives the locals and ever changing landscape to observe.

4th of July at the White House.  Lots of people watching.
Becoming a local in a city opens your eyes to even more opportunities, like outdoor movie screenings or jazz nights in the garden, or outdoor concerts.  My personal favorite is when the marine corps or army bands play on the steps of the Capitol.  
this view is part of my commute.  jealous?
And then there is al fresco dining.  There is always a new restaurant to be found in the city.  With old buildings and tight spaces, restaurants doors spill into the sidewalks in warm weather.  Making eating out that much better!
Our son Behr is learning early!
Cities also host an abundance of fancy events.  And if you are lucky, you just might get invited.  One of the best perks to DC is the never ending line up of benefit galas.  A few years ago, we were the lucky recipients of tickets to the Children's Charity Gala.  And this year we get to go to the IJM benefit dinner.  I am already excited!
Something about city life is a bit awe-inspiring. Frequently when walking around DC with my little family, I am overcome by the "We live here!" emotions. Excitement over the fact that we live where hundreds of thousands of people pay to visit annually. And it gets to be our backyard. 
this view never gets old!
Before you fall head over heals with our glamorous city life, I must warn you that it is not all sunshine and roses. There are parts of city life that are especially difficult.
The Drab:
Commuting in the rain is really terrible. Especially since our commute involve walking. No jumping in the car under the shelter of a garage for the city dwellers.
The aforementioned love of shoes.  Well, ours don't last. City streets give our feet, shoes, and even hemlines a beating. Every. Single. Day.
The hustle and bustle that we love so much, NEVER ends. And there is no reprieve. There are days when I long for silence.  And inevitably hear sirens instead.
Speaking of hustle and bustle. Tourists. They infiltrate our neighborhoods en masse. And sometimes it seems they will never leave. They stop suddenly, stand on the wrong side of the escalator, and forget that some people might actually live here.
And yet, we love it still.  I have a new appreciation for folks that stick it out in the city.  People that live in the concrete jungle for the long haul.  It is a thrilling and exhausting life style.  But right now, I wouldn't trade it for the world.
City life is not how Molly or I entered this world. 
But we are standing tall and loving it one day at a time.

Note from Molly: Shannon, you nailed this post, sister. Kindred spirits, indeed!


  1. So excited to be here.

    A note to Molly's readers: I wrote this post before the East Coast Earthquake. And I have been stumbling over how to express my feelings about that since it happened.

    Unfortunately, we live in a world that has taught us to assume the worst. And history has proven that we should, especially in DC and NYC. Personally, working in a government building that is on the terror watch list, my first thought was not "earthquake." And that in and of itself is another unsettling part of living in the city. But again, part of what makes the city so great are the people who stick it out for the long haul, who stay in spite of the draw backs. So we will all keep on loving our little cities and hoping you all, our blogger friends, let us know when you are coming to visit. We will welcome you with open arms and great food recommendations!

  2. Dropping in to thank you so much for your kindness. Hoping you are all well and safe.

  3. I have never been to DC and totally want to go someday. NYC too. I will inevitably be that annoying tourist, so I apologize in advance. :)


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