Monday, August 29, 2011

Guesting // Paula from Two Ellie

Hello Friends!
While I am off introducing my parents to NYC,
I wanted to leave you inspired by some of my favorite ladies in all of blogland.
Please show them some love here in the comments and then make your way over to their own blogs.
You will be so glad you did!

Welcome Paula from Two Ellie!

Unlike Molly's most fabulous and adventurous life of moving place to place, I stay put. Boring maybe, but it fits the life we live. Well the Mr. and I, along with our two children of course, are considering a move. So far there is only one home in our area that even made our potential list. There's not much to say about it except it does have potential. It is the size the Mr. dreams of and I will be able to make it mine with LOTS of elbow grease and vision. While looking at homes I immediately have to imagine what it could be. What it could be if you took away the pink walls. Oh yes, you heard me right, a lovely deep pink that is. Here is what I envision at the start for the main living room...

I currently have an English roll arm sofa similar to this one from RH. I would add two matching arm chairs like these, just much cheaper I hope.

I adored this Groundworks silk fabric the minute I saw it. I would make it into curtains that would flank the wall of windows that happen to lead to an incredible view. A blue striped rug would make the room much less formal. I am not formal so my house shouldn't be either.

I love pillows. They can change the whole feel of a room. I personally like layers upon layers in similar colors with one accent color. It adds subtle texture and detail without being overwhelming.

Over the mantel I would add this horse photo my Mr. took. I adore it and him so it would be a win win. I also think it would be a bit of a surprise which I also like.

The walls would be painted white and the could-be-pretty built-ins would be painted a deep gray. The whole house really does just need to be dipped in a can of paint. So many colors it could make one dizzy.

I would then layer in my antique round marble top coffee table, a limed wood pedestal table between the two chairs, brass lamps, and then the details that would make it feel ever so loved. Okay, so maybe I am a nut and take the real estate shopping way too far! Ha.

Thank you Molly for allowing my nutty self to grace your most inspirational and witty blog. Hope I didn't tarnish it too badly.

Note from Molly:
Tarnish? Are you kidding me, Paula?
I think I speak for all of us when I say, please please let your style + classy way rub off on us!

Also, friends, be sure to check out Paula's Mister.
He's quite the talented photographer.


  1. Thank you for having me friend!

  2. Love Paula's blog and house. Hope you're having fun, Molly, and glad Irene wasn't too too bad. Was thinking of you.

  3. I always love Paula's ideas! xoxo

  4. Paula, how about you come visit, decorate my non-existing home and we hire your Mr. to take photos of my family all around DC? Oh, and we would have Molly and her Mr. hop on a train down from NYC too!

  5. Shannon- I like that idea very much. Yes, please.


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