Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guesting // Elizabeth from E Tells Tales

Hello Friends!
While I am off introducing my parents to NYC,
I wanted to leave you inspired by some of my favorite ladies in all of blogland.
Please show them some love here in the comments and then make your way over to their own blogs.
You will be so glad you did!

Welcome Elizabeth from E Tells Tales!

Hi everyone! I'm Elizabeth from E Tells Tales...a blogger friend of sweet Molly. I've made a little appearance here before, and I'm happy to be taking over the reigns today so she can put her feet up for a nice little foot rub after trucking her parents around NYC (hear that Justin?).


I'd like to call this one "We cuss where I come from" (or, Finding your blogger voice).

I get lots of questions from readers about how I got to where I am in blogland (even though I still have a long way to go) and what they can do to get more readers/followers/comments. In fact, Molly and I discussed that very thing in one of our first late night email sessions.

I've been blogging for 2+ years and this is what I've got:

+ cuss if you want, dammit: We cuss at home, yes, even around our sweet baby. We also have that "We should stop cussing around the baby I'll put a quarter in a jar if you will" convo nearly every day.

{My baby...already picking up mommy's bad habits}

My point is, you should write how you talk. If you cuss at home, around your best friends who love you, and at your mother-in-law (kidding!), you should write that way on your blog because people come to love you as a writer just as they do in real life. It goes both ways though--don't try to be slammin no slang if that's just not you. When you're being you, readers can relax because they'll come to recognize your voice.

+ strive for "girl talk": You know when you've been cooped up too long and finally get a night out with your girlfriends? You all have a drink or four and keep shoving food in your mouth because you don't want the night to end? You get to that place where you're telling stores one right after the other and your best friend is laughing so hard she pees herself a little? Find that and write it.

+ keep it up...or don't: I lost almost all my loyal followers/commenters when I got preg last year and was too busy barfing my guts into a bowl to give a shit about blogging. I went from 60+ comments a day to nothing. I was sad about that because rebuilding sucks hard, but it was good for me too, you know? Basically, pregnancy had razed my blog for the better. I started writing with a voice that was more my own (see here) because there were less people watching. The people who did come by stayed for the long haul because we had conversations in the comments and they felt comfortable enough to email me. My point is, followers are easy come, easy go. Use your blog to be yourself and make friends instead.

+ the quick fix: So maybe you want to start today and see results today. Go to your favorite blog, read through the comments there to find other bloggers you like, and leave comments on those blogs. Introduce yourself, make friends, tell them what you like about their blog. Do this in your spare time and people will start to notice you. They'll recognize your avatar, they'll see how funny you are in your comments and come see what you're all about. But remember, blogging is best when you're real. That's how you attract real readers. When you're fake, you get fake in return.

Thanks for having me Molly, and happy blogging everyone!

Note from Molly: Elizabeth, Thank you for being so real, so funny, so you.
I love you. Have I ever told you that?
Well, now you know.


  1. always love e tells tales. and it's funny because i started reading shortly after you got pregnant. thanks for the advice - love that picture of you and everett!

  2. E, you are always hilarious! Have I said this to you recently??

  3. Elizabeth- I just watched my parents hail a cab for the airport. I am a mixed bag of physically drained from all the fun we've had to emotionally spent because even the sweetest of goodbyes are hard. Thank you, Elizabeth, for making me laugh all over again today. I think I am going to take a nap now, do laundry later and re-enter blogland officially tomorrow.

    Colleen- I agree, way cute pic of E and ee.

  4. Shannon, yes. But I never get tired of hearing it :)

  5. i seriously love elizabeth. she is my favorite because she is so real. &, i love that she responds to comments.

  6. Great tips E! I found your blog a few months ago and am addicted. I may need your posts more than I need my coffee. Maybe. OK, your posts AND a cup of coffee is the way to go.

  7. E- Justin would like you to know he subscribes to your line of thinking. He likes what you have to say and how you keeps it real... he'd be typing this himself, but he is busy stripping the bed and starting the laundry for me because he's a good husband like that. He'd also like to request more posts from Everett, please. These are the words of Justin Rigoloso. Over and out.

  8. Seriously great advice as always from E! Nobody is going to like everything you write as a blogger, but they don't stay for one post, they keep reading for the person who writes it.

  9. It's true, I rediscovered E's blog in the later part of her pregnancy and she's an awesome read. I'm in Germany so it's afternoon before her blog post is usually up, but trust me I stalk it. She keeps that shit real, and funny.

  10. I love E. She's a bitch, but the good kind (did you know those exist?) I'm not a cusser...well, not out loud....but E makes me want to. And I agree with a previous commenter- it's nice that she comes to play in the comments section.

  11. WhitMc- I agree with you. E and a cup of coffee really is the way to go. I will be back to business as usual tomorrow and an email will be on it's way!

  12. Jessi, die. Nobody's ever called me a good bitch before. I kinda like that.

  13. E- J would also like to know if Everett is throwing a gang sign? Start'em young.

  14. Great advice. I love the real-ies!

  15. Justin, he sure is trying! I'm still giving him lessons.

    Props for being the first to notice!

  16. goodness, i love that woman [as in e]. you totally do keep shit real. all of it. and that's why i keep comin back.

  17. Great advice. I am such an advocate of writing like you talk. I think that is great advice.

    Love that pic too.

  18. Thanks @wildchild and @lady lee! Two of my most loyal readers (plus you Molly)!

  19. e, i follow you precisely because you are hilarious, and real in a way i haven't found myself able to be (because my conservative, but incredibly wonderful) mother in law reads. le sigh.

    thanks for keeping it real, playing in the comments, and for letting your personality come through your blog in a way few others that i've found do!

  20. kkp, and that's why I'm pretty thrilled my MIL doesn't really know what a computer is.


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