Friday, August 26, 2011

Guesting // Candis from lady lee in process

Hello Friends!
While I am off introducing my parents to NYC,
I wanted to leave you inspired by some of my favorite ladies in all of blogland.
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Welcome Candis from lady lee in process!


Hi Rigoloso fans! I'm Molly's friend Candis and have a blog of my own called lady lee in process.

I've always wanted a friend that I could lounge around with, eating snacks and reading books. Not having to speak, just reading quietly and having that be perfectly enjoyable. I have yet to meet the person who would be as fulfilled as I in such an activity. But I think that if I ever get to meet Molly in person, it very well may be her.

Molly asked me to guest post while she is spending some quality time with family. I couldn't decide for the longest time what to write and then I realized that I should just write what I write. So the following is just me writing. No real prompt or purpose, just words that come from an experience and beg to be written down so that I can look back someday and feel it all over again.


It was 11:30 pm and Westley had woken up to eat. He had rolled to his side and was half awake cooing and fussing at the slats of his crib. Putting my hand under his head and puffy diapered bottom I hoisted him into my arms and we settled into the chair in his room. I fed him marveling, as I frequently do, about how efficient and skilled he is at nursing.  He finished eating and threw his head back. His fair skin and rosy cheeks and lips made him look like a little angel in the dim light of his room. I studied his face for awhile still a bit in disbelief (even at almost 4 months in) that he is here and that he is my son.  I stood and propped him up against me hoping for a burp but not counting on it with how deep in sleep he seemed. Chest to chest we swayed to the sound of the loud August locust outside the window, his little head turned in toward my neck.

I closed my own eyes, wrapped my arms a bit snugger around his limp body and tried to experience this moment as fully as possible. I realize he is growing fast and that before I know it we'll be dancing together at his wedding instead of in his nursery.

He'll no longer fit in my arms.

He will no longer need me in every conceivable way.

Thank God that day is not today, I thought.

I savored a bit longer and then gently laid him back into his crib. My heart ached with love as I prayed a silent prayer and whispered goodnight to him.

I am so thankful for Westley. I am just a regular person living a normal life, but that boy makes me feel extraordinary. It's the love I think. You think you know love and then you have a baby and the love pulls your feet out from under you and sucks you into its ocean. I will forever be thankful God gave me Westley. Experiencing this kind of love is an enormous gift that puts all other things into perspective. It bowls me over daily and I try to always take the time to close my eyes and let it.

Note from Molly: Candis, thank you for melting my heart into about 50 trillion pieces, especially with that last pic!
Please sign me up for the do-nothing-chill-lounge party. Anyone else?


  1. Thanks Colleen. Ironically I emailed you today...

  2. this breaks my heart into a million pieces. it's good, it's real good, but it does nevertheless.

    beautiful candis, as always.

    and LOVE that last picture.

  3. my boys make me feel extraordinary too. perfect description. beautiful post!!

  4. This is so beautiful. You said what I meant in my post today. But you say it so perfectly.


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