Monday, July 25, 2011

Week in review and a question

Last week, if you recall, I gave you our week at a glance.
Here are the results.
At the very end I have a question for you....
I started out the week with a movie at Sunshine theatre with my pal Amber.

Love Etc. melted my heart. I knew it would. The older couple was my favorite.
If it comes to your city, I would totally recommend it.

We had dinner at Peels. You should go there, too. Get the watermelon gimlet.
You are welcome.

Justin passed his big fat GRE! He met his goal and thus, we celebrated.
Dinner at Pulino's and music at Rockwood. So very, very proud of that man.

Sometimes it's helpful to know where you are. Especially when your mind is tired of thinking.

Our pal Myra and her man Matt were in the Big Apple for a wedding.
Myra is from Mississippi. I met her in Alabama.
Now she lives in Georgia and she just got back from Turkey. Talk about a traveller.
It was so nice to see a familiar Southern face.
I joined Sarah Beth at CafĂ© Lalo. Her London departure will be here all too soon. 
We had a grand ole time at The Carlyle. Pictures tomorrow, friends.

Now riddle me this, if I were going to spend the night at The Carlyle Hotel, how much would I pay per night?

Justin and Rafael inquired and now we know.
You could google it, I'm sure, but what's the fun in that?
Guess away, friends.

I'll be back tomorrow with the details and some pretty pics, too.

Happy Monday.


  1. I so want to see love etc. I doubt it will come to Cbus though. Wah wah.

    As far as The maybe $400/night?

  2. sounds like an incredible trip! And thanks so much for sharing that beautiful charger. It is gorgeous! If only I had a dinning room...or room to store them. Ahhh....

  3. a watermelon gimlet?! be still my beating heart!

    and yes - why did it take us so long to find each other's blogs? because i'm kind of in love with yours too :)


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