Monday, July 18, 2011

Week at a glance

We have a full week on tap.

Justin has a big test just around the corner. He has studied like a champ and I am so proud of him.

He can spin the word vicissitude into a sentence with a quickness that will make your head spin. It's quite impressive, really.

We are going to a fancy schmancy dinner with friends at The Carlyle complete with heels and a little black dress.

J would like to note he will not be wearing heels or a little black dress. I know you are relieved.

We will share drinks with a dear Southern friend visiting the city and meet her man for the first time.

We'll bid another friend farewell as she moves to London, celebrating her and missing her fiercely, all in the same breath.

We will attempt to exercise in this muggy weather and when we're done, we'll relish the breeze of a fan and ice cold lemonade in our glass.

We'll buy groceries and cook dinner and if we're lucky, time it just right to watch Wheel of Fortune.

It's going to be a busy week, but we are going to drink it up.


  1. ohhh take pics of the fancy shmance! :)

  2. Is the mugginess of New York REALLY worthy to be compared to the mugginess of South Alabama?

  3. Lynn: It's a different kind of muggy here, for sure. While I don't envy the temp and humidity you are facing, I can say this: air conditioned buildings and air conditioned vehicles. The former is not always a given and getting from point A to point B requires the swift movement of your own feet sans the reprieve of an AC filled car, only to be rewarded with the thick, stagnant air that is the subway. So while it is not South Alabama heat, it is a far cry from pleasurable.

  4. Sounds like a fun week, Mols! Mine looks comparatively boring: Work. :P

  5. That sounds beautiful.
    (Meaning a beautiful week, but you've also made it sound beautiful with your words, too) :)
    A Great Big Good Luck to Justin!
    Include a picture in the future of that little black dress & heels, please. :) :)

  6. oh how i love for dinner to be done just in time to watch the wheel!! :) although, now with the 2 kiddos most days we are already done eating by then! sounds like a great week. mine, on the other hand is turning out to be pretty miserable. ha! well maybe just thursday...

  7. Hope it's a great one, Molly! Enjoy, and I look forward to seeing pictures :)

  8. sounds awesome and that picture is perfect hahaha.

  9. I hope you have a WONDERFUL week sweet lady! that picture looks awfully familiar. Is that when you went camping back when we both lived in tuscaloosa?

  10. Teagan: Thank you so much! I passed along your well wishes to J and he is much appreciative.

    Linds: Yes, that's the trip. Oh how I miss you being my neighbor.

  11. good luck to J on the big exam. have a drink for me at the carlyle... and snap a pic of that LBD and heels! miss you. love you.

  12. what the heck! I wanted to see a picture of J in a little black dress!


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