Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Very Pinteresting

I want to be here

Having a party in the backyard here

Wearing this

Carrying this

Eating this

and this

Off of these

Then, take a nap here

Remembering this

Waking up to these

And then repeat the day all over again. What about you, friends?
What do you find pinteresting these days?

I'll be sharing my pins with the lovely Michelle at The Vintage Apple.

Follow all my pins here if you want.
Happy Wednesday to you. And you.

Lorrach, Germany / Sarah Tucker
Backyard party / Country Living
Green stripe dress / Paula, Kellen Jacob Photography
Bag / Chloé, Saks
Salad / Gluten-free Goddess
Dessert / Craft via TasteSpotting
Plates / DawningLit
Hanging bed / Fresh Nest Design via Lilac Lane Cottage
Quote / Elisabeth Kubler Ross
Flowers / Johnér Bildbyrå AB by Peter Carlsson


  1. Girl, I've just discovered Pinterest! I'm loving it, too! Maybe we will be in those places someday... until then, live lovin' life!

  2. Loving all of your pins, so cute!!

  3. I searched for you on FB so I could tell you thank you for all your kind comments on my blog! I love reading yours (it gets me out off toddler mode for a few minutes each day!) But I could not find you? I am not very computer literate so I really do not know the best way to respond to someones comments?
    Secondly, I am OBSESSED with Pinterest. I think Jared is considering getting me counseling. Although I feel mine isn't very interesting like yours. Mine only includes nursery ideas and things for the kiddos! :)

    Happy I can keep up with you and Justin! Ya'll look like you have a fun life!

  4. Oh, can I come? Please? Pretty pretty please?

  5. MFS: Prepare yourself. It's quite the addiction.

    Lacey: the link up never worked. Bummer.

    Julia: You are so kind! I'm not a facebooker. Can you believe I've held out this long?

    Courtney: Not only can you come, but you are expected to be there. ;)

  6. beautiful pins. it IS so addicting.
    i love your quote under 'post a comment'.

  7. stop it. this was the most perfect post ever. i want that too!!!!!

  8. I'm loving all your pins this week! Especially the green striped one with the navy sash! Gorgeous!!!!

    Thank you for linking up!

    Michelle @ The Vintage Apple

  9. ahhhhh can i please have that napping spot!?!?!

  10. how dreamy! at least the dress is easy enough for me ;)


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