Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kind of perfect

A version of Christmas morning has transpired since we last talked.
So much that I could not even wait until I had good lighting to show you the results.

In our NYC corporate apartment we have an abundance of white walls and a deficit of doors.
The only door we have other than the front door is the one you see. The door to the not very large bath.
The only place for guests to have any amount of privacy to change is within the not very large space.
We do have a nice walkway to the bath with a closet on the left and dresser on the right.
Visions of hanging a curtain here have danced in my head and probably in the head of every guest we've ever hosted.

Today I found this cloth shower curtain at Target and fell in love instantly.
The soft hue of chartreuse was sure to compliment our shams.
J didn't care for the pattern.
I think he would have chosen a simple white because we need more white and called it a day.

He had a change of heart.
The simple white was $24.99 and The Curtain of My Dreams was $5.06.
You must understand this is the opposite of what usually happens to me.
I like it and it immediately increases from $5 to $5000.
Not today.

Private area for changing? Pretty feminine pattern mixing muted aqua, pale pink, charcoal and chartreuse?
Done and done.

Merry Christmas in July, indeed.


  1. The curtain looks fabulous! It's the perfect splash of color for your apartment!

  2. oooohhhh prrrrreeeeeeetttyy! love it. you're so creative.

  3. Such a great idea and I love that curtain!

  4. LOVE it! Can't wait to see it in person in just 5 short weeks! Yay! PS - Tell J "Way to Go" on the GRE! So happy for him!

  5. friend.... gorgeous!!!!! LOVE it. i think we have the same taste. want to come decorate the house we are moving into?? yes? yes??? YOU are sweet friend. My Dad is doing FABULOUS! He just had a Doc appoint. today and the docs say he is doing terrific! YEAH! THANK YOU for caring and thinking of us friend!!! So.... how is WILMA these days???

  6.!!!! oh my if i would've found that on clearance for $5 i would've snatched it up and made a dress for my molly! ha! looks awesome in your home!

  7. UGH I love it. I must rush out to Target now and see if they are on sale here! AH! LOVE!

  8. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it! Now if I could just find a 5$ dream come true :D

  9. I love the curtain, so pretty. The colors and the print, vintage and sweet. You have such a good eye for finding things and it is also very practial. Good job! Love Mom

  10. love your taste in decor. love you :)

  11. Super cute curtain to change behind! :) what a great find and xmas in July gift to yourself!

  12. That shower curtain is gorgeous! I'm new to your blog, but loving it! I'm going to start following for sure.

  13. don't you just love when things go on sale! congratulations on your new stuff!


  14. Thanks for the love, you guys.

    Welcome Katie & Dania!

    @Jenny- Wilma owes you an email ;)

  15. oh it's beautiful!! what a find!

  16. What does the note on the top drawer of the dresser say?

  17. Lynn, good eye! It says, You can do this. I am so proud of you. A little encouragement for my man before his big test. He hasn't taken it down yet, so I suppose he likes the reminder. :)

  18. I was hoping it wouldn't be too private. :)


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