Thursday, July 14, 2011

friends + travel + guest posting

Meet my lovely friend Julia.
Here's the crazy thing about us. We went to the same college & knew each other, but really only exchanged the occasional Hi or Hello.
Let me tell you, I'd go back in time and change that in a New York minute.
We reconnected, lo and behold, over the world of blogging and formed an instant bond.
She is a ridiculously talented wife, accountant, photographer, athlete. A lover of fashion, food and antique markets.

Jules + Me last December, bff

College friends reunited, Lance & Julia + J & me

Julia and her husband Lance are currently on an Alaskan cruise. You should feel very sorry for them.
In her absence, Julia asked me to do a guest post for her about traveling.
I happily obliged.

Follow me on over to Julia's amazing blog, Black Tag Diaries, for some travel insights from yours truly.
I think you will love her. I certainly do.


  1. i think your blog wins as my most favorite read. seriously, you make me laugh. i love your honestly as well as your "live it up" outlook on this journey you are on.

    i caught up on the last few months of your life last night... good times. take care!

  2. I know this was a while ago, but remember when you commented on Julia's blog when I guest-posted about books & nooks and you said the photo reminded you of Anne (with an e)? I would like you to know I've never received a compliment I've cherished more. :) Oh, to be like Anne!

    Loved your guest-post, too!

  3. love the guest post, molly. you always remind me to BE in the moment...and to always remember the little things. you. are. awesome.

  4. how fun is this! I wan to meet so bad. Love that little car, cute as a button. Off to read the post now!


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