Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday musings

It was only fitting that my Nana gave me my very first sewing machine.
She made every Sunday dress I wore for the entire length of my childhood.
I have fond memories of her making all manner of things including Christmas gifts her friends.
One year it was a whimsical toilet seat cover with Santa Claus on the lid shielding his eyes from such unmentionable bathroom talk.
I'd like to think her gift giving nature and creativity overflowed a bit into me.

Circa 2008. Toddler & Senior Portraits of yours truly, added bonus.

Speaking of all things domestic, I miss sewing and working craftily with my hands.
Traveling about this broad earth does not allow the easy transportation of a sewing machine.
Not to mention all the accoutrements.

I suppose I am feeling a bit of angst over my lack of sewing supplies because my sweet friend Val is having a baby!
I will find a way to craft something for Baby S, with or without my sewing machine. I must and I shall.

Tonight, however, there will be no sewing.
Only celebrating with my pal Sarah Beth one last time before she sails across the pond to her new home. In London.

Last night was our fancy date night at The Carlyle.
I have not forgotten your request for pics, friends. Come back next week for all the pretty details.

In my spare time, I'll be figuring out a way to craft a gift for Baby S.
Perhaps I should consider the Santa Claus toilet seat cover. What every baby wants, right?


  1. Aw, Baby S would love anything you made for him/her - even a Santa Claus toilet seat cover! Love you!

  2. wish we lived close by and then we could have sew nights regularly


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