Thursday, July 7, 2011


Last week, I described my desire for balance here.
I wanted to find a balance between taking iphone pics & 'real camera' pics.
Balance between time online & time away from the computer.
The verdict? I'd say I did fairly well.
Always room for improvement, but I feel like I made a few healthy steps toward balance.
That being said, the following pics are all iphone.
I promise I used my real camera, too. Proof can be found here at our July 3rd celebration.

Once you move past the blur, you will see my friend Amber and me.
She's one of my favorite New Yorkers.
J & Amber & I were having dinner at a Turkish restaurant called Pasha.
Best baklava I've ever tasted.
The ambiance was dim & magical, but left us with some blurry pics.

Last weekend, we decided to explore the shops on the Upper West Side.
Olde Good Things was one of our favorite places.

So many exciting pieces of furniture & eclectic oddities that I'm certain have many a story to tell.

The classic blue Ball jars.

Cash register from the 1890s.
I asked the shop owner if she knew the story behind it.
No, she said, however, we don't have a set of keys to unlock it, so who knows what's behind the drawers?
You have to admit that's pretty exciting.
She said they are trying to find a locksmith to make a key for it without damaging the current condition.
Or I could pay $2000 and get a locksmith & solve the mystery myself. Right.

Moving on.
We found these cool tags and wondered what their purpose was.
Amber said cow tags. I couldn't come up with anything clever, but I still liked them.
Any of you know about these cute little things?
Lastly, we stumbled upon this beauty.
Good stories to tell? I bet she's got tons of them.

You can find some pretty amazing things when you take the time to look.
Balance will do that for you.


  1. Balance is definitely necessary and it really helps you re-evaluate what you're doing.

    That store looks absolutely amazing! That cash register is just asking to be OPENEDD. :D

  2. Looks like a VERY fun shop. You know you're dying to see inside that cash register. :)

  3. I'm hooked on your blog and I can't get those July 4th cupcakes off my brain either. :)

  4. so fun, I love doing stuff like this.

  5. Cindy: It was amazing, indeed.

    Lynn: You know you want to know too! :)

    kkd: Thanks for your kind words. I'll be happy to pass on my recipe.

    Lady Lee: Sweet. Let's go antique'n together.

  6. Cool store! Balance is good for the soul. Have a great weekend. :)


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