Monday, June 27, 2011

In my mind

Today I am running errands.
And in my mind, this is what I am wearing & toting.
Yes, I know it's summer and that I am wishing for a coat.
I am not cold, mind you, but wishing for cooler temps. The kind that warrants coats.
What are you doing today and what do you wish you were wearing?

1 outfit, Talbots via Tulips & Flight Suits 2 watch, REVOLVEclothing 3 bag, Banana Republic


  1. That coat is gorgeous. No wonder you want to wear it right now! xD

  2. you would looking shmashing darling, simply shmashing. I just caught up a bit ... and it made me just melt that your dad writes your mom a love note every morning. i can see it in his precious face how much of am amazing guy he is! and my dad loves chicago too! made me smile. And that date night of yours made me smile too. what a night!!! you make me laugh, and you make me appreciate the beauty of life. I'd say thats a really good combo. see ya wilma. ;)

  3. UMMM....I wish I was wearing a BATHING SUIT while lounging on a sailboat off the coast of Cape Cod with big sunglasses and a big straw hat. (yes, much like a J Crew magazine).


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