Monday, June 13, 2011

The Tale of the Yellow Pants

J's favorite picture of us, 2006

We knew each other for four years of college and didn't begin dating until after we graduated.

He favored another sorority on the hill other than my own and was a shoo-in for all manner of date parties and formals. He was the date of choice to a few of our parties, but mostly you would find him the Main Fixture at The House Next Door. To say he was well-known on campus would be a gross understatement.

We actually spent my freshman homecoming together. He was the date of a friend of mine and I was dating a friend of his. After an evening of unforeseen events to the rest of our group, the four of us found ourselves eating at the fine dining establishment known as Waffle House. It was memorable to say the least. Who knew I was sitting across the table from the man I would fall madly in love with, the man I would marry... while presently on the arm of another? Pretty wild.

One particular semester we seemed to have a similar schedule or at least one that found us appearing at the gym to exercise at the same time everyday. We both showed a bias toward the elliptical over the treadmill and occasionally we'd find ourselves side by side chatting casually as friends do.

Not too long after we were married we were having a conversation about what an interesting story we had. How we'd known each other through college and how our relationship had grown since that night long ago at Waffle House.

Then he made a small confession. He looked at me so sweetly and in an incredibly sexy voice said, "I always loved those yellow pants you'd workout in..."

I tilted my head ever so slightly and gazed into his beautiful greenish brown eyes and with so much schoolgirl charm said, "Really? That's so sweet... I never owned yellow workout pants."

It must've been a girl from across the hill.


  1. Love it!!! Too funny!!! You are such a great storyteller. Your life together could be a sitcom. You know how it makes me laugh, even when it might not be so appropriate. ; )

  2. okay, fine. It was me.

    the girl from the house next door

  3. Dear Stained Glass Window,
    Glad you finally came clean after all these years.
    Your Neighbor

  4. Love it! Lindsay is right - you make a great storyteller!

  5. HAHAHAH, oh this is the type of confession that only people truly in love can laugh at together.

    Love it.

  6. I think I've heard this story before, but I love it. So, so funny. :) Poor Justin stuck his foot in his mouth.

  7. Hahahaha that's a sweet story and absolutely hilarious as well. :)

    I love knowing that love survives, exists, and come to you in unsuspecting places!

  8. I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog, bc I am lovin' your's! What a super cute post.


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