Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh, yes it does

I love parties. I love attending them. I especially love planning them.

Birthday parties, baby showers, bridal teas, bachelorettes, or a just-because-we-want-to-party party.
From the biggest detail all the way to the tiniest.
The menu. The flowers. The decorations.
The invitations. The invitations.

My mom and I were hosting a baby shower for my cousin.
We went to a fancy schmancy boutique to find the most special invitations you could imagine.
They were perfect in every way.
We began to work on the wording.
Kindly join us for Saturday brunch from 10 to 2. Lillian's house. Honoring Kelly and baby Payton.
Then we reached the RSVP part.

Boutique Lady: To whom shall the guests RSVP?
Me: That would be me, Molly Rigoloso.
(I understand my last name is not Smith so I paused kindly and began to spell slowly)
Me: R I G O L ...
Boutique Lady: writing R I G A
Me: Oh... I'm sorry, that should be an O
Boutique Lady: Smiling pleasantly, Oh okay. Writes R I G O O L
Me: I'm sorry, mam. I'll be glad to write it for you. It will just be easier.
Boutique Lady: Snatches the paper & clutches it to her breast, Oh No! You cannot do that!
  You cannot write on this paper!
Me: Furrowed brow, Okay... my last name is spelled R I G O pause L O S O.
Boutique Lady: most definitively writes on the sacred paper R I G O A L O S A. Molly Rigoalosa.
Me: Deep breath, That's still incorrect. It's R I G...
Boutique Lady: Oh, it really doesn't matter.

My mom said I nearly flew across the counter.
And apparently I have a certain look when I reach this point of frustration.
It's not my most shining moment, I will admit.

I pulled out a piece of my own paper, wrote my name, and the rest is a blur.
I am fairly certain I was mumbling, It doesn't matter? It doesn't matter? Oh, but it does! when we reached the car.

A couple days later I received the nicest phone call from the boutique. This was a different lady.
She said she couldn't read my last name surprise, surprise and wanted to verify the spelling before sending the invitations to print.
I graciously thanked her, spelled my name once and the invitations, I am happy to report, were perfect in every way.

Parties are wonderful things and I love every aspect of them.
And the answer to Does it matter? is yes.
 Yes, it does.


  1. It totes matters. Nice bimbo. Invites are my favey too!

  2. A name says a lot. I am frustrated for you that she didn't have enough courtesy to get it right. What if her name was Jane and you said oh Sane that is close enough.

    To answer your other question. I used Picassa to make the layered picture.

  3. IT DOESN'T MATTER?! I'm glad you lunged and snatched. And how hard is Rigoloso? It's one of those perfect names that sounds like it is spelled no?

    Annnnnd now I want pasta again.

  4. Matters to me too! I always thought it had to get easier than Andreana, but the "One O, One M" really throws people for a loop in Somerville!

  5. Hi! So happy to be back!

    That lady was a crazy. And you handled her better than I probably would have, Molly Rigoalosa.

  6. Mrs. Rigoloso ~ I love you :)

  7. @Lady Lee- I will make you some pasta anytime in exchange for a snuggle from Westley!

    @Falling from Tress- Rach, thanks for the info, you talented lady.

  8. i seriously heart you. i'm the same way... if someone calls me julie... you just better watch out.

  9. That's hilarious. Of course it matters! What was she thinking? The picture of the table with the sun behind it is divine.

  10. Oh man! That is r-u-d-e. For the record, I now thing i will always have the correct spelling of your name memorized.


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