Saturday, June 18, 2011

An Officer and A Gentleman

My Dad loves to work. While I was growing up, he worked for GTE, the phone company.
He wasn't retired for long before he went back to work.
Now he's a Sheriff's Deputy, the fulfillment of a childhood dream.
He's a true Southern gentleman, too.
He believes in holding the door open for ladies and saying Yes Mam.

When he was a little boy, he shot a pellet from his BB gun into this onion plant.
When his grandmother was chopping the onion for dinner one night, there lay the pellet.
It grew straight into the onion.

He loves music and can name the title of a song and the artist within one beat.
Some of his favorites are The Doobie Brothers and Chicago.
He loves to tinker and can fix most anything.
His laughter is contagious and I could pick his whistle out of a crowd.
He's an excellent woodworker and photographer.
He can grill the best hamburger, but he also makes a mean Italian Cream cake.

 He values family and relationships with the highest regard.
He loves my Mom fiercely and has loved her since their high school days.
He writes her a love letter most every morning before he leaves for work.
When I'm home, he writes one for me as well. And Justin, too.
I have every one of them.
He loves with strength and tenderness and without apology.

This weekend is Father's Day, and it's also his birthday.
I celebrate you, Dad.
You are the best man I know and I'm so thankful you're mine.
I love you greatly!


  1. Your father sounds like a wonderful man and an amazing dad to you. :) Happy Father's day to him!! I wish you great weekend with your family!!

  2. oh my gosh. He writes you all love letters daily?!

    Now I love you AND your dad.

  3. What a wonderful man! I love that he followed his dreams.

  4. Love your sweet Daddy! With parents like yours, it's no wonder you turned out so sweet!

  5. Ohh molly, i love this post. He is one FANTASTIC man.


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