Thursday, June 30, 2011

jerks + crack + balance

Upper West Side

So Blogger completely punked out on me this week.
I couldn't post. Couldn't comment on other blogs. Couldn't receive comments.
What a jerk, Blogger.

unique take on a Brownstone

Instead, I spent time with the newest form of crack, which I'm sure you are familiar with, Pinterest.
It's a wonderful thing, this new crack.
It combines my love of organization and all manner of pretty, humorous and inspiring things.

Café Lalo from You've Got Mail

In other addictive news, I have also given myself over to Instagramming.
Sorry if you are totally over the Instagram movement, I am loving it wholeheartedly.
I have noticed I don't tend to take my 'real' camera with me as much as I use to because the iphone camera especially with Instagram is way convenient... and alot less heavy when I'm schlepping all across Manhattan.
I do want to find a balance, though, because the quality of real camera pics just cannot be beat.

I think I'll go here this weekend

Here's to a weekend of balance.
Some iphone pics and some real camera pics.
Spending more time offline than online.
And embracing this one wild and crazy life.

If you want to get crazy, you can follow my pinterest boards here and my instagram username is mrigoloso. Simple as that.

Jerks don't make friends, Blogger.


  1. I agree!!! i LOVE pinterest. I have gotten totally hooked and i love instagram too. love to the first pic molly. I will look you up on pinterest.
    love you and miss you lots!!!

  2. So I followed you link to Pinterest... It looks like a place where you just organize stuff. It looks like you just organize stuff. I am guessing it will be more popular among those who prefer a straightened desk to the clutter pile currently before me. I don't think that Pinterest is for me, but then I've said such before about social networking sites of which I am currently a member (see Twitter).

  3. Will- what I most love about pinterest is that it saves the url allowing, for example, to save a pic of a recipe you want to try, but also the link to the actual site. Does that make any sense?

  4. i feel like i need (need, not want) an iphone. i mean, how else am i gonna instagram my new bebe's face?

  5. Boo Blogger! Sometimes it does act wonky and gets weird!!

    I can't download Instagram so I'm stuck with my point and shoot which is fine for what I do. I hope you have a good weekend and find your balance btwn the technologies and your new crack! hahah

  6. great pics! so glad i'm finally back in the know...I've been gone a while!

  7. Pinterest is my new crack too. When we are ready for rehab lets go together.


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