Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jane and The Comedian

Jane of All Trades.
I was editing my blogger profile when I realized that I'd used that phrase to describe myself.
Perhaps that's a bold description of yourself there, Molly, one may think.
I'll shoot straight with you about my street cred and let you be the judge.

the face of skill & sheer talent is always best accompanied by mint green metal siding & kudzu 

To date, here's a list of every job I've ever had beginning with the very first...

I increased talent in this field by reading The Babysitters Club Series in its entirety. I identified most with Kristy and Mary Anne.

Hello Kitty employee
Properly known as Surprises Inside, I fell in love with this store as a small child and vowed to work there when I was old enough. And I did. If you bought a pink plastic clipboard showcasing the reknown kitty during 1999-2001 in South Alabama and wanted it personalized, I more than likely drew your name in fancy script with paint pens.

Baby Boutique Manager
A family friend owned a high end baby clothes boutique and I spent the summer after my freshman year in college running the shop. Smocked. Embroidered. Appliquéd. I became fluent in baby clothes vocab.

Collegiate Assistant
I was an administrative assistant in an on-campus office during the rest of my college days. My love of office supplies like folders & sharpies & multi-sized, multi-colored paperclips was merely confirmed during this period.

Events Coordinator Intern
My college internship was spent under the tutelage of my cooler, older cousin who did events coordinating for The Ritz Carlton. I quickly learned that Good Afternoon is the much preferred salutation to Hi There.

Victoria's Secret
You know the understood rule of keeping your underwear on while trying on bathing suits? You'd think that would apply here as well. Too bad most people didn't adhere to that rule... and they weren't afraid to show you and ask your opinion. Yikes.

Events Coordinator, University of Alabama
Gamedays were my longest workdays. I got up early. I stayed late. President's Mansion Gameday Garden Party. Catered box seats. Meals for the players. Meals for the refs. Parties for the donors. Blood, sweat and tears describes this season well. Emphasis on the sweat.

Interior Decorator
A high end furniture shop needed a girl with taste to say what-looked-good-with-what until they found a real deal interior designer for their staff. I fit the bill. I quickly learned what I liked and what I didn't and that some people really do have more money than sense. Not all people. But definitely some.

Preschool Teacher
Part super adorable + Part highly frustrating + Part very rewarding. Rotate each emotion while teaching 3-year-olds that it is much cooler to do your business in the pot versus your pants, that biting won't win you any friends in life, that sharing means caring and that you have to eat your carrots before your princess gummies.

Optometry Office Secretary/ Get It Done Girl
I think I was hired to do PR & marketing, but I found myself sitting at the front desk asking for insurance information and updated addresses while calling patients to remind them of appointments while keeping the doctor happy with the patient flow while calling insurance companies for verification while saying I'm Sorry Your Appointment Was at 3:15 and It's 3:17 and You Haven't Seen the Doctor Yet while mailing reminder cards while typing an office memo per request of the doc about not drinking Diet Coke at your desk because it looks unprofessional while taking out the trash while filing charts. I think some businesses call that a Secretary.

Independent Consulting
That's a fancy way of saying I combined my experience and education and talent and went into business for myself. I took on some clients in need of interior decorating. I sewed pillows and drapery panels and roman shades. I shopped for unique art and lamps and rugs. Picked out paint colors. Refinished furniture. Hung draperies from an 18 foot ceiling. Okay, Justin hung them while I supervised. The next day I'd shift gears and plan a birthday party for a 5-year-old. Design a logo for a new business. Edit articles for a local publication.

I went through a season where I had a very hard time answering the question What Do You Do? I encountered feelings of low self worth since I couldn't offer up a succinct, pithy answer. Through the encouragement of those who knew me well, I realized I didn't have to define myself in one label. One friend said, You are kinda like a Jack of All Trades.

Only I'm not a Jack. I'm a Jane.

You should see my man's résumé. We'll save it for another day, but I'll tell you this... it includes Papa John's delivery guy, theme park ride tester and tutu-wearing-roller-skating-hot-pink-gorilla mascot. I promise I'm not making this up. Most days I think he missed his calling as a funnyman.

A Jane of All Trades and a Comedian.

Yep, that's us.


  1. Great post! I enjoyed reading your resume. :) My fav part is the preschool teacher part, esp: "that you have to eat your carrots before your princess gummies." So true.

  2. Love this. Sounds like you've met your match :)

    I worked at Victoria's Secret too!

  3. oh, Surprises Inside! I remember how much you used to love that store! Such a great post! You are for sure a Jane of all trades!

  4. You're such a good storyteller. Just like your man. :)

  5. SUCH a perfect description! This just made me smile!

  6. You have done it all it seems and that doesn't surprise me in the least :)

  7. i am a jane of all trades, too! discouraging sometimes when it seems like i can't master anything...but it's so much of who i am. :)


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