Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Friday, Friday

Last night I was chopping almonds, preparing our dinner.
And then this happened.
I had already swept a few to the side, so you really aren't getting the full effect.
I am still finding them. Under the table, in shoes, under the couch.
Justin walked into the kitchen right after the Grand Almond Explosion and said,
"Sometimes it's a nuts on the floor kind of day."
Then he walked out.
Sometimes you find works of art that leave you speechless.
Like this bathroom mirror graffiti I found on the Lower East Side.

Happy Friday, Friends.
Hope you are surrounded by many beautiful things this weekend.
Watch yourself if you are chopping up almonds.


  1. Hahah oh gosh, all those almonds everywhere!! And that mirror is crazy artistic, in a graffiti kind of way. lol.

  2. Justin sounds so funny. :) Happy Weekend!

  3. Love your man's quote! Ha! jmg

  4. Fav. sticker on the mirror: Pro'freshion'alism. :)


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