Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wishing for tunnels

I am so down with that.
If I had secret tunnels to all my friends' houses I could end up in a number of places...
Nashville, TN / Louisville, KY / Birmingham, AL / Graz, Austria / Dothan, AL / Butte, MT
If I appear all of a sudden in your living room, you'll know I either...

figured out the tunnel thing
bought a plane ticket

What about you? Where would your tunnel take you?


  1. How cheesy would it be to say "My secret tunnel would take me straight to your heart."

  2. Come to think of it I think I've seen that "Tunnel to your Heart" thing on a Hallmark card.
    -Justin again

  3. Awww, J. :) I would love to be on the other end of your tunnel! Mine would take me to NY, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and Memphis.

  4. laugh, laugh, laugh (at Justin)
    I think my secret tunnel would just take me to a private room with all my favorite things where I could just enjoy the solitude.

  5. soo..... just found you again on Lady Lee's blog. we "met" a while back... and then... because i am an idiot... and only remember how to keep track of people when they are able to be "followed" on blogspot... lost you. and now... alas! you are FOUND... and able to be followed!!! YIPEEE!!!!! (I am dead serious.... i was looking for you) I remember this great Mark Twain quote you had on your blog... and thought of you and your humor and heart. i think you are terrific.

  6. thanks to lovely lady lee, I am here. my tunnel would certainly take me to Boston. But it would be regularly traveled from Washington DC to Philadelphia where I grew up and my childhood friends still live. Oh, and San Francisco too!

  7. NYC, Echo, Birmingham, Troy, KZ

  8. Hey! i see Graz on your list. I'll start diggin'. Glad you're enjoying your time home, but not about the horrible tornado. Glad you're ok.

  9. I have a tunnel that connects my house to my best friend's. It's called a corridor.


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