Monday, May 23, 2011

'round here...

Essie's Chinchilly is on my toes... and I think it may soon be on my fingers.
I rather like it.

Tina Fey has been the source of many a good laugh here at The Rigoloso Abode.
I'd tell you my thoughts on the whole book, but my husband stole it and subsequently finished it before me.

unknown, possibly Lettergirl on Etsy, anyone know for certain?

My last confession is two-fold.

No. 1
I love everything about l e t t e r s.
Writing them. Sending them. Receiving them. Making them look pretty. Buying my fav postage for them.
No. 2
Pinterest. The source of the perfection above.
A lovely & oft times overwhelming place of all manner of things wonderful, hysterical & inspiring.
I'm working on my first board for those of you who may wish to follow along. I'll keep you posted.

What about you?
Any nail polish winning you over at the moment?
Good book you'd like to share?
Thoughts on Pinterest?

Do tell.


  1. love that color of Essie! I have Essie's California Coral on week after week lately...and I just joined Pinterest and am so excited to use it!

  2. I love letters too :)

    I would send them to friends but they never sent any back! :(

    re-reading LotR atm lol!

  3. @Maggy: Glad to know we share a love of good nail color & the addiction also known as Pinterest!

    @Cindy: I would have totally sent you a letter back! ;)

  4. I'd love to follow you on Pinterest!

  5. i just LOVE your penmanship. holy smokes- it's ah-mazing! where do you get your inspiration? do tell.

  6. @ Jess: I totally w i s h that I could claim that as my penmanship! Isn't it beautiful?! I found those cards on pinterest.

  7. I am in love with that Essie nail polish! Epps!

    xx Cat brideblu

  8. OPI Barefoot in Barcelona is a great summer pick! And I'm loving my ESSIE hot coco and merino cool...

    Love keeping up with you! Miss you! xoxo

  9. ooohhh, i may just have to start writing letters so i can attempt addressing them like that!! i love to write fun different fonts i mean..ha! or at least i try. i always loved taking notes in college because i could practice writing all kinds of ways! ha


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