Friday, May 27, 2011

Easton Lane

"No matter under what circumstances you leave it, home does not cease to be home." Joseph Brodsky

We made our home on Easton Lane for the first 3 years of our marriage.
It was one of the very last houses we toured and we knew almost instantly that it felt like ours.

We settled into life as newlyweds. Divided up drawer space and closet space.
Took turns sleeping on different sides of the bed 'til we found our spot.

Stood side by side brushing our teeth, thinking things like, Wow, this is really our home.

Our goal was warm & inviting. A place family & friends couldn't wait to get to and didn't want to leave.
I was heavy into a red phase if you can't tell.

One of my favorite spots was the back patio.
We had many a backyard gathering there.
Long fireside chats accompanied by roasted marshmellows.

We survived our first major home disaster as a married couple... a grease fire caused by Yours Truly.
With the help of gracious friends, we renovated & updated until we were back in business.
Never underestimate the power of hot oil & a cast iron skillet.

We bore witness to the first snow our house had ever seen and celebrated every flake.

We played Thanksgiving hosts one year.
I learned the art of my Granny's dumplings and my Nana's dressing.

Thanksgiving feast 2008, pre-kitchen fire

We carefully selected our first Christmas fir. 
I wanted the setting to be perfect like the Christmases of my childhood.
We brought our tree home. Turned on some spirited tunes & started a fire.
It was just as I had imagined.
Except for one thing.
We were sweating.
Winter in the South does not always equate cold weather.
Once the air conditioner was on full blast, we were back to decking the halls.
Special thank you to my accommodating man for donning the antlers. You know you loved them.

Easton Lane was privy to so many other firsts.
First key lime pie I made for my Dad's birthday.
First backyard piƱata with friends.
First time to ride out a tornado in our bathtub.
First time to ring in J's birthday at the stroke of midnight.

Our house on Easton Lane is now officially and legally sold unto another.
Last night we celebrated. Went all out. Painted the town red.
With burgers and drinks and ice cream and a Jimmy Fallon book signing.
The memories we share from that sweet house extend far beyond words and pictures.
It's good to know that home never ceases to be home.


  1. I know that no matter how much you loved that home (I did too!), you are relieved that it is sold. You can make a home wherever you go, Mols. <3

  2. Awwww! Congrats on selling Easton Lane. Twas a beautiful home! You two are such an adorable couple I love all the photos :)

  3. So many sweet and precious memories of your first home, Easton Lane. The picures are beautiful and capture so much of life there. Dad I always enjoyed our times with you and J when we visited. But, then we enjoy being with you both wherever you may be. Love to you, Mom

  4. Congratulations, Molly, on the selling the house! I know this is a huge blessing ~ so were the memories made in your home. Thank you, also, for your sweet comment on our blog recently. I appreciate you, and I, too, miss you so!


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