Sunday, May 8, 2011

checking in

a gardenia in my parents' backyard, smells the way heaven must

I'm in Alabama.
I have been here for a week and a half.
Justin is in New York.
I will be in Alabama for one more week.
I am loving time with my family, but I am missing my man.
I'll say that again...
I am missing my man.
Why the long trip in Alabama you might ask?
We are selling our house in Tuscaloosa.
Justin, my parents and I were packing up the U-Haul the day of the tornado.
We missed it by 30 minutes.
Didn't even know a storm was coming.
Internet & cable already turned off and cell phone towers down from a particularly windy storm earlier in the day. Talk about timing.
If you are new to the blog or have left a comment for the first time & received no response,
my sincere apologies.
Bare with me if you will.
My internet presence may not be strong this week, but I will be back with much fervor (and replies) soon.

You should smell the gardenia in my parents' backyard.
It's one of my favorite things about coming home.


  1. Yay!! Congrats on selling the house!! And PRAISE THE LORD for His timing and watch care over you guys. Wishing I was in Bama to possibly just get a hug (and enjoy a laugh or two, of course) . . . and a sniff of the gardenia would be nice right now

  2. I am so glad that you are getting to spend some much needed quality time with your family, and that you got to be home on Mother's Day - Yay! Enjoy your time in "The South," my friend. As you know, there is nothing quite like it! Love you!


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