Tuesday, April 12, 2011

lesson(s) learned

This week in New York City marks the first opportunity to wear shorts this season.
I love the look of a long sleeve tee and shorts... anyone with me? I know Katie is...

Brooklyn was on the hit list today, giving us some pretty stellar shots of Manhattan.

Grimaldi's Pizzeria was our intended destination.
Justin was impressed that my Brooklyn Pilsner was brewed in Brooklyn... it's the little things, folks.

We received rave reviews of this particular ice cream joint.
Today was a day to go all out... pizza and ice cream... we're celebrating Spring, afterall.
It's a quaint little spot down by the East River with that above shot of Manhattan as the backdrop.
So perfect, right?

It was closed.
Open every other day except the day we visited.

Two lessons were learned today.
Check store hours before you get your heart set on ice cream.
Lotioned legs and skinny jeans and warm weather do.not.mix. Ever.
Let no one tell you differently.

The End.


  1. HA! Love it. Thanks for the advice.

  2. good grief! The ONLY day!! So sad. I know when I get a hankerin' for ice cream it's over... and by that I mean everything else it over except the search for ice cream!

  3. Great advice! Haha. I love the look of long-sleeves and shorts too :)

  4. the legs have not come out in montana yet but i would agree that lotion and skinny jeans and warm weather do not mix!!

  5. with you on "the look", babe! i suppose it will always be a favorite of mine. thank you for thinking of me! :) And I can imagine the trifold mixture was quite unpleasant ;)


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