Friday, April 8, 2011

the glory of true love

The man behind the woman of the blog
he's a thinker & a joker

the resident ironer of our family
fun fact: he was once the resident ironer of his fraternity... for the right price

and he's famous to me.

Oh, the glory of true love
Is a wild and precious thing
It don't grow on old magnolias
Or only blossom in the spring
No, the glory of true love
Is it will last your whole life through
Never will go out of fashion
Always will look good on you
You can climb the highest mountain
Touch the moon and stars above
But Old Faithful's just a fountain
Compared to the glory of true love
J Prine


  1. So sweet. And Bob is the resident ironer of our family too :)

  2. impressed by the ironer, enjoyed Prine's poem, and love your handwriting! :)

  3. iron away, J! Iron away! So precious to have a lovin' man. I, too, know the joy!

  4. I LOVE your blog Molly! It's among my favorites.


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