Monday, April 4, 2011

27 plus 1

Hello Friends!
I have celebrated a birthday since we last spoke... on Saturday to be exact.
This is apparently what 28 looks like.

We grabbed a sammy at my fav NYC deli, Lennys.
Fresh bread, fresh meat & a grand assortment of cheese.
Side note: making my man laugh is one of the best feelings ever.

Up next: Glaser's Bake Shop.
This is the gem my sister-in-law & I found a couple weeks back.

It's so difficult to choose your treat of choice because everything looks divine.
From mini pies adorned with meringue perfection to braided bread to rich eclairs... heavens.

I love this next part... once you've been through the tedious process of making your selection,
the ladies wrap your delicacies in little boxes tied with none other than Baker's Twine
hanging from this contraption in the ceiling.
Once I have a dedicated craft space back in my life,
you can bet one of these guys is a going up.

The end result: adorable little boxes housing the most delicous of treats.
My personal favs are the lace cookies on the far right & the butter lemon drops in the center.

The Ladies.
They began working at Glaser's in high school & returned to their roots after college.
Love them. They gave us a free treat to prove  native New Yorkers can be friendly.
We gladly accepted.

We very appropriately celebrated with dinner at a restaurant
 in our neighborhood called Southern Hospitality.
Here's a few facts:
1. Being true Southerners we were skeptical of the authenticity, but it's a winner. 
2. It's owned by J. Timberlake.
3. We will be back.

J treated me to some new duds for the occassion.
I felt very much like a flapper with my new flouncy shirt & hair adornment.
I've always thought flappers were especially beautiful.

The actual celebration took place at a comedy club.
I cannot remember a time we laughed so hard.

My special day brought packages all the way from Alabama.
One included a build-your-own birthday cake and build we did.
Such a cute idea, Mama!

Beautifully wrapped gifts with pink satin ribbon made me feel extra special and girly.

Gifts from anthro appeared from my man... some of the cutest measuring spoons you ever did see.
Maybe being excited about measuring spoons comes with my mature age?

Hydrangeas. My favorite flower. Well played, J.

To J, my family and my friends:
thank you for making my day so special.
Truly, my life is made richer because of each of you.

I think the year of 27+1 is gonna be a good one, indeed.


  1. That looks like a great day! love the hairpiece. I am glad you had a great birthday!!! i love you

  2. How FUN!! what an extraordinary b-day celebration!! what a special and sweet man and fam you have, Molly!

    Happy birthday!!

  3. Build your own birthday cake - priceless! Way to go Mrs. Lil! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH, Molly! Enjoy every day of it and and every day of your 27+1 year! jmg

  4. You look so cute! Hope you get some more mail soon! It's not late, it's just so you can keep celebrating, I swear :P

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!! It looks like you had a great time.

  6. I LOVE your cute birthday hairpiece!! Way to go, J! Such a fab looking birthday! I know it must have been as wonderful as it looks! Praising the Lord that your were born!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday, MB! I love you!

  8. happy 28~i love the picture of you and j...the flapper one:) you are beautiful!

  9. Southern Hospitality is one of my FAVE restaurants in NYC... it really is legit barbecue. Last time JC and I were there, we saw none other than Joey Fatone! Which would make sense, since that was his NSync partner in crime. :-) Happy birthday and thanks for the food post!

  10. yay!! so glad your birthday was fabulous! looks like it was a good one. miss you.

  11. Happy, happy, belated birthday to you, sweet Molly. I'm glad you had such fun.

  12. happy belated birthday! how fun that you did indeed move to NY! i will now have to live vicariously through you ;)


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