Monday, March 14, 2011


   Most of the time the words just come. They come from deep down. They come from the very surface. Or from an experience. They come from my own faltering, see my back popping experience. Or from something funny overheard or more than likely spoken by my man.

   I use this space to get those words out, to play around with them, to coax out the real meaning behind what I may be feeling or simply to tell you what we've been up to lately.

   I could tell you a tale about my husband getting stuck on the Sabbath elevator when he was on the 14th floor of the hospital trying to get to the 1st floor in a ferocious hurry... which meant his hurry came to a complete halt as the elevator stopped on every floor on the way down.

   Or I could tell you about a conversation I overheard on the subway this week in which one girl tells another: I was trying to find the Ugg store the other day, but I stumbled upon a tattoo shop first. Now there's a real dilemma if I've ever heard one... buy that new pair of Uggs or get that new tatt? ... decisions, decisions...

   I could tell you about celebrating my Granny's birthday or about my Nana telling me she's glad I didn't come home with a 'northern brogue' during my recent visit... or maybe about the fact that she was baking some cinnamon rolls for my homecoming, but grabbed the paprika instead of the cinnamon.

   I could tell you about reconnecting with my high school bestie Jessica. And getting to see her as the very first hint of her first sweet pea begins to show and how happy I am for her that she is bringing a life into this world.

   I could tell you how much I love New York. But how I miss my family & my friends so much sometimes it hurts.
   I could tell you that I love my man more than I ever knew it possible to love someone and at the same time, marriage is one of the hardest things I've ever done. It's amazing. I wouldn't trade it or him for anything. Really. Not anything. But it's still hard. Good & hard all at the same time.

the marital bliss candy bar

   I could tell you that I'm watching something really educational right now, like something on PBS perhaps. But really it's The Bachelor finale. Who will he choose? Sherri? Or Rhonda?

   I could tell you about Justin's sister's first visit to NYC and what a blast we had. One of my favorite memories was actually stumbling upon a family-owned bakery that's been around for generations. Their offerings will make you drool. That same night we also found a cool antique shop/thrift store where Jess picked up an awesome old book on human peculiarities. We devoured the treats from the bakery & then Jess read to us from the book.

But what I really want to tell you is this...

   I want this blog to be a little something more. A dialogue rather than a monologue. Blogging is an interesting medium. You put yourself out there. You make yourself vulnerable. You write all these words. And while sometimes the act of simply writing them is enough, sometimes you need more. You need the voice of another person. A friend. A stranger. A blogger pal. Someone to say, Yes I agree. Me too. Or... I've never felt that way, but I've felt like this.

   Words can be a beautiful thing. Personally, they are one of my favorite ways to communicate. The written word. Quite powerful. We can use words to build up & encourage or to tear down & destroy. I'd like for us to steer clear of the latter if it's all the same to you, but otherwise, it's fair game.

   So what do you say? I'd love to hear from you. Not just this time around but next time, too. Tell me about you. Have you ever gotten on a Sabbath elevator? Do you have a phobia of elevators in general? Have you ever been faced with the decision: Uggs or tattoo, tattoo or Uggs?

or maybe cupcakes? Uggs, tattoos or cupcakes?

Consider this an invitation. To share your words. To tell me about you.

Talk to me.


  1. I think I'd have to buy the Uggs; a tattoo can't keep my feet warm.

  2. thoughtful post, molly girl. i don't have a fear of elevators...but i do have a fear of fans. a deathly fear...i always envision them flying off and chopping me up into little pieces. weird, i know.

  3. oh, but i would definitely choose the tat over the uggs any day. :)

  4. First of all, I love that you married J! I had the pleasure of spending time with him in NZ and you two are a perfect fit. Even though I don't really "know" you.... you're posts speak volumes to your compatibility. Second, you make me laugh on here and that is much needed. I have no idea what a a Sabbath elevator is... but I have been trapped in an elevator before. Not Fun. It was open just enough for me to smoosh my face through and yell for help. Good times. Also, love the pics you take. Very cool. And artistic. So keep doing what you do... and I'll keep reading. :) And responding. Tell J I said "Hi!" Ashley Wilson Young

  5. I would like the cupcake please ;) I just adore you.

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  7. Hi Molly!
    I love this post. It's such a beautiful expression of how magnificent all the little things in our lives are. It is lovely to peek inside your world and in all the bustle of NYC, to see what sticks to you the most :)

    I hope you continue to update regularly! I'll be sure to comment and I invite you to visit me at my blog too! :)

    PS Cupcakes all the way.

  8. Love, love, love you. Not scared of elevators, but scared of escalators when I was growing up...and the cracks in grates on the sidewalks...and the spaces between the planks on a bridge. "I'm not gonna fall, I'm not gonna fall..." was my mantra.

    PS - Definitely Uggs...there's nothing I want on me for the rest of my life.

  9. pro-uggs...well, actually, i believe i would choose a donut from the quaint bakery. who can turn down a pastry?

    i don't like elevators.

    love the blog!

  10. I've never heard of a Sabbath elevator. I laughed out loud about the cinnamon rolls. I can just see Aunt Jeanie trying to explain :)
    I choose cupcakes and uggs, and am very impressed that you have figured out the subway system.
    Love ya!

  11. cupcakes. definitely cupcakes. well... maybe a tatt. okay... tattoo & cupcakes... is that allowed?

    and courtney really does have a psychotic fear of ceiling fans.

    and jealous that jessica watson visited before me. if i'd have known that i would have come at the same time...

  12. You know I would have a cupcake anytime with my cofee! I thought Ugg was something you say when you don't like something..and no to the tattoo, I hate needles. But, I love you and I enjoy your blog so much, you really do have a gift of putting your words together and touch my heart. Your photography is excellent as well! I love you, Mom

  13. If The Bachelor is a wise man, he will always choose Rhonda.

    Those cupcakes are still calling my name...let them know I'll be back soon.

  14. What great pics you have! I have Uggs...the more functional kind..not the fashiony ones. No tats...ever. My fear of heights is escalating (pun intended) by the month. No fear of elevators.

  15. not scared of elevators...just frogs. i would take the cupcake, the uggs and the tattoo. i love all of your pictures and i can almost see you taking these random photos all. day. long.

    i love that you are enjoying the life God has graciously given's sweet.


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