Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Mr. and Me

We are Mr. & Mrs. Rigoloso, Justin & Molly.
We knew each other throughout college, but didn't begin to date until after we graduated.
It's a good story... maybe I'll tell you about it sometime.

Currently, we live in Manhattan.
And we love it.
We hail from the Deep South, specifically Alabama.
We have also lived in California & Texas.

California / Texas / New York

Justin loves anything outdoors, smart humor, theology, reading when he feels like it and being an adventurer.

His favorite food?  Meat, specifically the sausage variety 
His favorite time of day?  Dusk
His favorite word? He says he has a healthy respect for the word giblets
His least favorite word? Suppository
His ultimate favorite? Yours truly

Molly loves a good book, genuine friendships, laughing 'til it hurts, being creative and wordsmithing.

Her favorite food? Anything my grandmothers make
Her favorite time of day? Night
Her favorite word of the moment? Veritable
Least fav? Moist (uhh... gross), giblets might be a close second
Her ultimate favorite? Him

A typical Us moment...
Molly: You fell in love with me first.
Justin: Yeah... but you wanted me to.

   We use this space to document our days with words & pictures, knowing time will pass by all too quickly. We won't always be in our twenties, ahem, and we'll enjoy remembering each of these seasons of life.

I hope you find something here you like, something that makes you laugh, something that makes you ponder, something that makes you want to sit down & stay awhile.

Thanks for stopping by... make yourself at home.

the Mr. & Me