Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it takes all kinds

i like going on dates with my man...

when we knew for sure we were moving to New York, there was one particular thing near the top of the
we-so-want-to-do-that list
but honestly? i was kinda holding my breath until last week when it finally happened

we got to spend an evening with funnyman Jimmy Fallon
I must say, going to a taping was one awesome date 
afterwards was quite the surreal experience
we just saw Jimmy,  Justin would say
i know, can you believe it? he'd so be our friend in real life,  I'd say

we watched families skate at rockefeller & enjoyed a fresh brew as the first snow
of the Spring fell mischievously outside

however,lest you think we're all haughty over here
you should know some nights we have pancakes for dinner

and one of J's favs for dessert
apples with his own special creation of melted nutella + peanut butter

when we're not palling around with Jimmy, you might find that alot of our dates look like this:
netflix & snacks in bed... that'd be ranch pretzels, a lemonade for J, a sprite zero for me
and always... a York peppermint patty frozen to perfection

i love them both: the big, grand evenings out & the simple, cozy nights in...
it takes all kinds, my friends


  1. jealous! and ps... pancakes are always good for dinner:)

  2. i am jealous also! Love that yall got to go see him. I remember that you wanted to do that.

  3. Love it, Molly! Jimmy Fallon would be so blessed to have you as his friends.

    Last night, I wanted to be a lazy momma, so we had pancakes for dinner. But Hannah wanted to make them, so I got to be really lazy!

  4. Were you there for Kiefer Sutherland??? Because I watched that on my DVR. Fun, fun. :) I like grand outings and cozy nights in bed, too. Miss you.

  5. Oh my goodness, if nutella and peanut butter doesn't sound like the most amazing thing on Earth...


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