Friday, March 25, 2011


I couldn't agree more. I'm late to the party in finding e tells tales blog, but this is a case of  better late than never.

I found myself silently agreeing, nodding my head up and down as I read, laughing out loud & wishing I knew this woman in real life.

She's a crafter, a teacher, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a friend & a super-cute-mama-to-be.

She has this to say about commenting on blogs...

A part of me feels this way: if you took the time to read a post, you should say something. Anything.Whoever wrote it wants to feel heard, and how else will they know?

I heartily agree that living your life will greatly inspire your work. And for me, that includes this little blog o' mine. If my only goal is to get comments or gain popularity, then my writing will become superficial & stale real fast.

However, I can be vulnerable enough to say that I love your comments. Whether you are my Mama, my friend, my cousin, a fellow blogger, a friend of a friend or a stranger. It is nice to know your voice is heard.

So to those of you who comment often & freely, thank you, for reals. And to those of you in the stalker's closet, how will I ever meet you if I don't know who you are? Maybe you prefer it that way and if so, that's fine. But if you are wavering, sitting on the fence so to speak, come on out.

I'd be happy to make your acquaintance.

this is me, being happy to make your acquaintance

When you get a chance, visit Elizabeth at e tells tales or her etsy shop iviemade.
So beautiful, you'll not be disappointed. Promise.


  1. I am here, and always reading! i love you very much molly and thank the Lord, often, for our friendship!!!

  2. I should pay you for PR! What a nice post.

    Email on the way later today :)

  3. I'm here! Love the Rigoloso blog - I always want more, more, more!

  4. Molly, I'm glad I made your acquaintance on April 2, 1983! I continue to enjoy our life of mother and daughter, every day, every chapter is so exciting, I thank the Lord daily for the gift of you.Your blog is so fun, beautiful, well done. You have given me so much to enjoy from day one! I love you, Mom

  5. I am so happy we have become blog friends, Molly. You have a special way of making people see the important things we often overlook. You're a peach. :)

  6. I prefer stalking from a distance :)
    Love you and your blog!!!!

  7. I confess- I'm a stalker :) I love your blog,but have never commented before!!

    I gave you a little award over at

    hope you have a great weekend

  8. i'm here...not always commenting but definitely always reading. i have to admit i try to imagine switching lives with you sometimes. serious business. not kidding. so, i prefer to pretend i'm the one actually writing this blog so it wouldn't make sense for me to comment too much on my own blog posts...know what i'm sayin?

    ha! thanks for sharing your journey with

    have a great weekend...amy

  9. totally out of my stalker-closet. love you and love reading your heart.

  10. that quote is so perfect... thanks for sharing doll


good communication is as stimulating as black coffee,

and just as hard to sleep after.

anne morrow lindbergh