Thursday, March 31, 2011

a b c easy as 1 2 3

My friend Julia recently listed the abc's of herself. I decided to copy... such a high form of flattery.
Enter my time of reflection armed with great expectation of uncovered secrets... and a snack.
Let's begin, shall we?

Currently I am 27. Ask me in a couple days and you'll get a different answer.

bed size
Because of our traveling gig, we currently have a double bed and it works.
But this bed? It's our bed back home. And it's the most wonderful bed in the world.
Dear bed, we miss you.

chore you hate
Sweeping. Not so much the act itself, but trying to get the debris into the pan in its entirity.
And dust clumps? uh, gag

Meet Gracie. In grad school, my bff Sassy and I went shopping in Birmingham one Saturday.
We came home with no new shoes or purse or makeup, but with adoption papers.

essential start to your day
the coffee, not the butternut squash soup

favorite color
that's a tough one. i dig alot of color combos from bright & saturated to light & neutral. just trust me.
gold or silver
yes, please
5'7" ish
instrument you play
in my heart I am a drummer, in real life it's itunes
job title
I started to say I earn a living by my charm & good looks.
Upon second thought, I realized that makes me sound like a Lady of the Night.
So let's go with Jane of All Trades.

love them. this is our godson Herreson. he's quite beautiful, I must say.

in Manhattan

mom's name + dad's too
Lillian Robinson Mitchell. She's the most beautiful woman I know. I want to be like her.
And that's my Dad... Andrew James Mitchell. Strong name, strong man. Holds my heart.

high school: mitchell // college: mols // from my Dad: molly b or doodle // from my Mom: babe
from J: baby or woman (kinda polar opposite, huh?)
overnight hospital stays
we celebrated J's 30th birthday in the hospital. together. same room. stomach bug. happy birthday.
pet peeve
loud eating/ smacking/ ice crunching
quote from a movie
"A hot dog is singing! You need quiet while a hot dog is singing?!"
name that movie & we're instant bff
righty or lefty

only child who avoids stereotypes like the plague, but these women are like sisters to me.
Linds & Sass: they know my junk & love me anyway

time you wake up
totally dependent on the time I go to bed
 this equals amazing 
vegetables you dislike
collards & parsnips do not rank highly
what makes you run late
overcrowded train, repairs on the train, missed train
I'm seeing a pattern
x-rays you've had
I had my tonsils out when I was 4. I'm sure that required an x-ray of the '80s era.

yummy food you make
Entertaining is one of my favorite things to do.
My most prized recipes are the ones handed down through generations,
specifically the ones whose recipe cards are stained from so much use.

zoo animal
perhaps you heard about the missing cobra from the Bronx Zoo?
 Let's just say he's not welcome here. Period.

thanks for going on that journey with me
if you stuck it out to the end, you're a dear


  1. love. and yes... jane of all trades sounds way better than lady of the night. you crack me up.

  2. such a good idea! I might just flatter you by attempting to replicate.... hehe. BTW... LOVE You've Got Mail!

  3. Oh yeah, and LOVE a Rocky Road cake pop from SB

  4. now, I'm going to play a game called numbers. Wanna play? Lets!
    #1. There is no WAY you're 5'7''
    #2. I'll sweep for you if you'll cook for me!
    #3. You've Got Mail. (Some very powerful words)
    Have a fun day!
    Love your new BFF Mel!

  5. I do love your blog, you are so fun! Such good pics of you and J and friends and Gracie. Sweet puppy. Thank-you for the wonderful compliment, beautiful? Me? You are! Tunes change pretty often, now, "Great Is Thy Faithfulness". Happy Birthday week! Love you, Mom

  6. 3 things: your 5'7'' makes me jealous. my 5'5'' seems so short. I always wanted to be 5'7''... I thought it would be the perfect height! also, You've Got Mail is one of my fav's; always liked the idea of meeting a stranger online and then falling in love. :) last but not least, I hope you have an awesome b-day!

  7. You are awesome. I love this post and love the pic of us. Where were we? YOu have such a way with words. You are talented, beautiful, fun.... your turn

  8. I stuck it out to the end . . . not sure that I'm "a dear", but I'd love to be a "bff" . . . "You've Got Mail"! The quote made me laugh out loud - thank you! I probably watched that movie 100 times during mine and David's long distance courtship ;) Love you and loved learning even more about you. Thank you for sharing.

  9. And p.s. ~
    I equate YOU to Kathleen Kelly:
    "She has flawless taste. She's famous for it . . . If she likes the book, it sells. Period."

  10. LOVE this post! I'm working on a mini album with a long "diary" entry to sum up each month; I'd like to add something like this to it! Thanks for the smiles and inspiration!


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