Saturday, March 5, 2011


   Since my last post, we've celebrated birthdays, had our 2nd visitor in our fair city, lost a computer (as in it died), gained a computer (thank you, Dad), welcomed some awesome friends to the blog world and eaten the good majority (or maybe the whole) of my first peanut butter ice cream pie attempt.

   I am presently returning home from Alabama & catching my breath before I catch up on blogging. However, I wanted you to know that I am, indeed, alive lest you think otherwise. Not having a working computer on my man's birthday was difficult as I would have liked to wax eloquent about how awesome he is... but then I discovered an author that has me smitten & he says it way better at this present, somewhat exhausted moment...

The country ahead is as wild a spread
As ever we're likely to see
The horses are dancing to start the advance-
Won't you ride on with me?
from Leif Enger to his wife

happy 31 years, J.
i like you a whole lot.


  1. Love love the Leif Enger quote! I'm so glad you guys got a new computer...can't wait to read your next blog :) Miss you!

  2. I've missed you and your blogging, my friend! I so enjoy living vicariously through your stories and pictures. I don’t always comment, but trust me I check your blog often. Love you!

  3. We enjoyed having you at home for a visit. It was so good to look across the room and SEE you. SKYPE is good but not that good. Dad was happy to help with the computer rescue. A man on a mission he was. It was good to have you here, it was good that you have Justin to return home to. He is a blessing! We love you , Mom and Dad


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