Monday, March 21, 2011

14 years & versatility

Meet my friend Deanna.
We've been friends for 14 years. 
Admitting that makes me feel kinda old...
Last week she came for a visit & we were so happy to have her!

Signs of Spring are beginning to show themselves even if it is still chilly

We explored Bleeker Street & found an awesome local bookstore
I wondered why this book caught my eye...
Deanna reminded it's the book in Serendipity...
the one John Cusack searches for in every bookstore in NYC in a desperate attempt
 to find Kate Beckinsale's number
I'm not gonna lie I am kicking myself for not buying it

We stumbled upon a crazy cool record store... love the disco

We introduced Deanna to The Campbell Apartment

Hung out at Grand & Times Square

We happened to see a movie being shot that includes a New Years 2012 celebration
hence the confetti & extras wearing New Years Eve 2012 hats
It was kinda like experiencing the real thing minus the insane number of people & Ryan Seacrest
Oh... and the movie stars Lea Michele & Ashton Kutcher

I see these sweet yellow phones every time we are in Grand Central
they always succeed in making me smile

Reservations for Serendipity were a must

We rode the Roosevelt Island Tram to get some awesome views of the city

Deanna wanted some cool pics...

my main squeeze & yours truly

I'd say we accomplished her mission

We danced it up

Said hello to Central Park

Ordered some takeout & had a laid-back night

Attended the St Paddy's Day Parade on 5th Ave
the Grand Marshall was Mary Higgins Clark

Followed up the parade at a local Irish pub
J got a lil souvenir for me... thanks, man

a shot of our neighborhood

We went out with a bang on Deanna's last night in town.
Jersey Boys was fantastic.
 I wished for my Dad the whole time. He loves some good music... I get it honest.
D, thanks for spending your break with us! You are one awesome friend. Here's to 14 more years.

I got this cool award from my friend Julia.

Versatile: embracing a variety of subjects, fields or skills; turning with ease from one thing to another.

I dig that. Thanks, Julia. Upon receiving said award, you are suppose to share 7 unknown things about yourself & then pass the kindness along to others. So here goes...

1 I love tidiness... a place for everything & everything in it's place makes me happy.
2 I sleep with 2 pillows.
3I'm an only child, but desperately want to avoid the stereotypes.
4 I love to celebrate... anytime, anywhere.
5 I went camping every summer during my childhood & I miss it greatly.
6 I love to write letters... stationery makes me swoon.
7 I'm looking forward to Spring... a certain someone you know has a birthday coming up...

Drumroll, please... The Versatile Blogger Award is hereby passed onto...

CarolynVal │Shana │Lynn │Leslie 

check out these ladies... they're some of my favs


  1. the photos from around your part of town are simply gorgeous. the sun seemed to cast the perfect glow. that local bookstore looks fabulous. man... i miss you.

  2. I love your neighborhood (and your picture of it). I also really love Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I'm glad it was fun. :) Enjoy New York, dear Molly, because yesterday as I was driving down McFarland in the 84 degree heat, I thought, "Man, this lasts until OCTOBER," and I got kind of depressed. Where are the Rigolosos going next??

  3. I'm so glad you're getting to stay! Love you so much!

  4. I am pretty sure I mentioned it, but just in case I didn't... Thank you so much for everything. I had an amazing time with you guys. I am so blessed to count you as my friend. Scott was totally on board with the couples trip... you name the place. We will be there! I love you and miss you already...

  5. I love all the photographs!! Thanks for tagging me.

  6. hey Molly, do you know how long you and Justin will be in New York?

  7. Love visits from friends.

    I've read that book from's lovely. You should have bought it on a whim! Next time :)

  8. Your blog got a facelift. I like it!


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