Saturday, February 5, 2011

what does February hold for you?

February is shaping up to be a nice month.

It may be the Month of Love...
but it's also the month of my man's birthday!
{and the month of our first visitors in The Big City...yay!}

the festive spirit is already in full swing around here...
my mom sent us the cutest towels.
She's awesome like that.

my Nana also sent us an early Valentine

beautifully wrapped chocolate hearts... yumm

And then... oh, and then...
My sweet Nana's homemade divinty.
This goodness melts in your mouth & you never want it to end. Ever.

Justin's family lived in Tennessee by a lady named Sue from the time he was born until he was about 10.
Originally, Justin's family is from Montana & New Jersey.
Sue was born & raised in the great hills of TN.
Justin thought Sue was a foreigner.
I can only imagine how Sue's southern drawl must have sounded to his young ears.
We found Sue's address & sent her a card at Christmas with an update on us & an updated picture.

This week we received the kindest letter from Sue.
Justin has not had contact with her in 20+ years & he was greatly happy to hear from her.
She is now 71 & a proud grandmother.
I wonder if she ever knew she was foreign.

 I picked up an awesome local magazine & one of my fav indulgent beverages.
I had a friend urge me to do something for myself that made me happy. Something that I enjoyed.
I kept it simple, but I did it. And I loved it.
I couldn't help but notice that my Izze needed to be sitting on that side table.

And the stale hearts?
Still here.
They're festive if nonething else.

Yes, I think February is going to be a really good month.


  1. The story about Sue made me laugh out loud. The hand towels are precious! I'm glad to know Feb. is having a fab beginning. :)

  2. hi molly! such eye-candy those heart towels and your heart filled izze bottle are! gets my creative juices flowing here while at work on a cloudy WA day :)

  3. Hey, will you email me your address? Happy February to you guys!

  4. umm, kind of wishing I was part of your family :) Happy early bday to you man!!!!


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