Thursday, February 24, 2011

a visit

Our good friend Mona was our first visitor in the city.
We managed to do a lot in a little time.
How 'bout a review?

we got up early, very early to go see our friends at The Today Show

and we managed a great spot in line

 we met these adorable ladies

Before Mona & I knew it, my husband had formed a fan club of his very own!
these ladies were all from Alabama & one of them even taught at J's high school

we met Al (whom Justin addressed as Mr. Roker) & Matt

I need you to know that Meredith's talent is not just limited to the screen, folks.
She owned those heels. Ran in them. You rock, Mere.

Next up, we visited the world of M&M's
my high-school-year-old-self would have been in high heaven... why did we have such a thing for M&M characters? Was it just me?

 I caught this chick eyeballin' my man

 we met the Statue of Liberty

and then we had our M&M energy read
Justin looked kinda scared, but his reading was golden
Me? I'm electric green which interpreted means that I have a creative flair that's inspiring to others...
I kinda dig it. Mona, where were you during the reading?

 We saw the Washington Square Arch
took in a couple shows

 visited The Flatiron Building

the Sherman monument

Dylan's Candy Bar

Mona told me I'd love this place... and I did
their branding is simple, but I dig it
I really loved that sign on the floor, too

Next up... Serendipity

I think this place has been on my NY list since I saw the movie One Fine Day
my high school bff Jessica & I knew every line to the movie & owned the soundtrack, thank you
jmg, I wished for you to be with us so badly!

 the largest menus in NYC

the infamous frozen hot chocolate did not disappoint me

We ended up the trip with a nightcap at the Campbell Apartment

and gave a New York farewell to our Alabama friend
with a proper Ottomanelli breakfast & a nice blanket of snow on the ground

who's next?


  1. M&M . . . I think it was just your "nick-name" during high school - wasn't it the blue ones you liked most? Serendipity! Oh my - that looks mighty fine! ;) I think I'm drooling at my desk this morning . . . hope nobody walks in!

  2. This is not fair. You get all the visitors and have these fabulous outings! Nice shoes, Mer! I think I'm most jealous of the frozen hot chocolate! My sister blogged about that place, Serendipity. Hot new place, i guess?

  3. I so, so wish I were next! Would love to try the frozen hot chocolate and see my sweet friends.

  4. Wow, what an action-packed trip! Do you think I could make my own frozen hot chocolate? That stuff looks yummy!!

  5., me, me!!!

    I absolutely must go to Serenditpity...I've been dying to go there for years. And that Campbell Apartment place looks too cool. I must go there, too. Please, please, please!

    What a fun day!

  6. Molly I think I know Mona. I think I met her through some friends in college. Does she have a twin?

  7. this is great! i wish i was your visitor. So.... ready to see you! love you lots and lots!!!

  8. I bet Meredith's feet were KILLING her! Also, did you know that if you were home, you would have been wearing flip-flops for the past 2 weeks? I just thought of that while seeing your boots. Wish we could come for a visit. We love you!

  9. I AM COMING!! We need to set our dates! When I saw you on TV, I thought Mona looked familiar but I just thought you met another person while standing in line! Funny!!
    Hugs to Uncle J. I miss you and can't wait to see you in NYC!!!

  10. i totally own the soundtrack to "one fine day" too... just add that to our list. love you. miss you. xoxo

  11. oh how i would love to go to NYC one day! it seems marvelous!


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