Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rigoletto in review & a surprise guest

A week or so ago Justin & I attended an opera. I got him tickets as an early birthday gift.
We needed a little snack beforehand & stumbled upon a great bakery... Le Pain Quotidien.
The whole night was pretty awesome. Beautiful location. Amazing interiors.
And my favorite dark, curly-headed Italian man.

I've been holding out sharing about this night because I've had a surprise up my sleeve.
You ready?
Please give a warm blogland welcome to my man... Take it away, J...

   One of the things we enjoy most about traveling is experiencing new things. Now I have the opportunity to tell you about a first for us: the opera. For those of you who know me, it may come as a surprise that it was actually me who wanted to go to an opera and I loved it! Molly graciously surprised me with an early birthday present with tickets to Rigoletto.

I will present you with an overview (my completely subjective view) of the opera...
   Not just elderly rich white folks attend the opera. You’ll see anything from a lady in a fuchsia ball gown with a dead weasel (mink stole, they call it) draped around her neck to a guy in jeans and a hockey jersey and mukluks.
The suggested business casual is what we opted for... I just didn’t have anything in fuchsia to wear.

   Common themes: Opera is sung in a foreign language and is always sung DRAMATICALLY. The simplest concept will be transformed into an extremely long, drawn-out, overly dramatic song.
   Conversations in this era must have taken forever. Don’t be alarmed if during an intense moment, perhaps someone was just murdered, people burst onto stage and break into song seemingly out of nowhere.

Beautiful Lincoln Center. The opera directly in front, the NY ballet to your left & the NY Philharmonic to your right.

   To aid your enjoyment, you will find a teleprompter on the seat in front of you giving you the lines in English. Very helpful once you get the translation off German.

You can discern a great deal by the dress of the characters, although it may be a bit counterintuitive.

   The strong, masculine hero will be dressed in a colorful, puffy shirt not unlike what you might imagine a gay pirate to wear. The most desirable broads will wear long dresses that look like drapes you’d see in a castle.

Evil characters will sing and prance about heavily made-up in ill fitting tights.

   Special note: You will be very surprised on how easy it is to find and hire an assassin: they will be the guys in tights standing on the side of the road, holding a ridiculously long sword, singing a long and dramatic song about how good they are at killing people.

   In summation, we had a very entertaining evening.
I hope these observations serve you well should you decide to experience an opera.
It’s a great place to wear your stole.


  1. Love, love, love! Justin should be a guest-blogger more often. It was almost like listening to him tell a story in person. I imagine that he was dead-on in his overview.

  2. how fun! and what a nice surprise to have your hubby share his experience!

    julia & i want to come visit...and we may have to go to that bakery in the photos. what do you say?


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