Wednesday, February 9, 2011

new friends + food + a parade + chocolate

There's a butcher shop around the corner from us called Ottomanelli Brothers.
They happen to serve the most wonderful muffins on the upper east side in my opinion.
Granted, you have to walk through a bit of sawdust to get to the desired goodness, but it's so worth it.
That's how we began our Saturday morning... with a quick trip down to the butcher shop... for muffins.
 We ended our evening by joining some new friends for dinner & drinks.
Meet La Von...

and La Von's husband, Rafael

We had some of the best NY pizza at Koronet.
To quote Rafael, it was simple & flavorful. And incredible.

A short walk across the street landed us at The Heights where we discussed college backgrounds, religion, how we each met our other half & our shared love of good food & travel.

This one's for all you Seinfeld fans... the infamous diner.

One of my favorite things about New York is experiencing the unexpected.
Like a Beatles cover band in the middle of the subway.
They happened to be playing, surprisingly well, one of my fav Beatles songs as we walked up...
Here Comes the Sun.
If you look closely you will see Yoko Ono on the bass.

The next morning this was the first billboard we saw. Hmm...

Chinese New Year Parade

Any guesses on what J was waiting in line for?

 The chicken? The shrimp? Maybe some plantains?

No, he chose the octopus.
Quite the adventurous eater. And quite my opposite when it comes to food.

Later on we met up with our new friend Nikelle for dinner before church.

Thankfully, octopus was not on the menu.

J's fresh salami sammy

Nikelle's delish salad

my turkey panini with homemade spicy pesto

after church we made our way to Max Brenner for dessert with Nikelle, La Von & Rafael

the choices were absolutely endless

chocolate cake with melty caramel inside served with ice cream & a chocolate shot
largest chocolate bars ever
Max Brenner candy shop
white chocolate + toffee + dark chocolate fondue

Nikelle's chocolate drink concoction
J's chocolate peanut butter shake
La Von & Rafael's hot chocolate in a hug mug

friends & food & New York City are all very well-suited for one another
as I am apparently well-suited for finding all things Beatles-related in our new city


  1. WOW molly! it looks like you are having a great time! sure wish i was with you!!! I love you and miss you so much!

  2. Whoa! My mouth is watering just thinking about that spicy pesto and turkey sammich. YUM!

  3. yep...i'm going to need to go to this max brenner for sure.

  4. I laughed out loud about yoko ono. im just saying. you seriously need to help me with my blog. im jealous..:)

  5. seriously, you live the fun part of moving to a new place and then move again when 'the honeymoon phase' starts to come to an end. Although, I think NY has enough stuff to last you for years. I am jealous of your eateries!

  6. I am so pleased you and Justin are soaking up so much "culcha" in the City. From the Beatles to a Chinese parade to the Opera. I do enjoy your blog! Love you, Mom

  7. you must take me to get chocolate by the bald man when i come. period. we must chat soon, ps. i have a january card with your name on it that was returned to me:( phone date soon??


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