Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lauren + Sean

Lauren & Sean

Remember our friend Lauren? She was one of Justin's patients back in Dallas. The girl who stole our hearts as she fought for her life? The girl whose boyfriend proposed after she awoke from a medically induced coma for three weeks because he couldn't wait another moment to call her his own?

Lauren is still fighting, but she is a strong, beautiful & determined young woman. Her man Sean wrote a beautiful story of their love for a chance to have a dream wedding sponsored by a local Texas news station. If you feel so inclined, read their story and cast a vote for them.

But be prepared, you will need a tissue.

We love you, Lauren + Sean, and we wish you many, many happy & healthy years to come!

read their love story & vote... here


  1. Very sweet! And yes, I needed tissues. Very special story - I voted. jmg

  2. Thanks so much for posting Lauren & Sean's link. Lauren started crying when she saw it. Ya'll are very special and we miss you so! Next time you are in Texas, we would love to see ya'll again. Now that I found your blog, I can keep up with how you are doing. Take Care and God Bless!! XOXO

  3. Just announced last night that Lauren & Sean won the wedding contest. Thank you for all the votes and God Bless!


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