Saturday, January 15, 2011

so far SO good . . .

we've been in New York for nearly two weeks now
& we've done alot of exploring our neighborhood here on the Upper East Side.
one of our fav spots... a local coffee shop & bakery called Beanocchio's

Times Square

bright & powerful, that place

iconic Radio City

Christmas decor was still present so I began to wonder... could the tree still be up???

My Aunt Phyllis gave me this book for Christmas when I was a little girl.
It was then that I fell hard & fast in love with New York...
and vowed to visit one day and see that magical Christmas Tree.
I had not even thought about it still being up over a week after Christmas,
but J suggested we walk on over to Rockefeller Center just to see.

And there she was!
 Just as grand and beautiful as I had always imagined her to be!
Truly, the fulfillment of a childhood dream right before my eyes.

perfectly wonderful

magical, I tell you

even the window displays made me happy

my mother-in-law's fav candy... Ferrero Rocher

 this sign is just outside our apartment
too bad it doesn't seem to help... everytime a horn blows J yells 350 dollars!!!

the tree in our lobby

my man took me out to celebrate our 4th anniversary

anniversary date in NYC? yes, please

I think I could've made a meal off the bread & fresh parm alone

Finestra did not disappoint

another night we tried Gotham Pizza located just down the street from us

think we liked it?

Central Park is just a few blocks away

we took a nice {albeit chilly} walk

a date with this beauty is definitely on the list

i think this sign sums it up pretty well...
It's about time we met, New York!


  1. fantastic! I want to go so bad! Have never been. Your pics are great. I love all the great artsy displays and culture in that place. That parm is making me drool it up too.

  2. love all the pictures!!! and love that grey hat you're sporting in central park;)

  3. okay, i'm still alive...and i so just enjoyed getting caught up on your posts! love the holiday photos...and nyc looks magical. i'm. coming. to. visit. julia & i definitely have to get that arranged pronto! i am happy to see that you are enjoying your new home. i've been busy & in a funk lately, but all is good. :)

  4. I think a big smiley face would perfectly sum up how I feel about this post. :)

  5. you are so lucky!!! it looks like so much fun.


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