Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the land of blog & love for Edie

So there's this whole other world called blogland. Obviously, if you are reading this you are familiar with said world. I started blogging in 2008, but really didn't commit until the beginning of 2010. My intention was simple: document our life. With words. With pictures.

What I did not know then, but definitely know now is that blogging is a land filled with various & sundry things. There are fashion blogs, design blogs, couponing blogs, fitness blogs, birthday party blogs, even blogs on breastfeeding (what?!). Over time there's a magical thing that occurs in blogland... you begin to 'meet' people that you connect with. People who inspire you, make you laugh, encourage you. People that you are certain if given the opportunity you'd surely be best friends forever.

Enter Edie.

She's the beautiful blonde kissing her man pictured with their two youngest children.

I have never met Edie outside blogland, but I have been inspired by her, encouraged by her and doubled over in laughter because of her. She is one amazing woman. She left her professional career in medicine to teach her two youngest daughters at home. She's a crafter. A decorator. A baker. An antiquer. A lover of good music. And one of my favs... a strong woman of faith.

On December 21, Edie & her family lost all earthly possessions in a house fire. They are safe & healthy, but left with merely an imprint on their hearts of all things tangible. I will quote another friend of Edie's who said...

   "Over the years, Edie has written so beautifully about home, about faith, about family and love, grace and books, silliness and food. She has created a home here for us, a place to be inspired, to be encouraged, and to be ourselves... while Edie sits in a position right now where everyone wants to give to her, we want to take some time to thank Edie for the ways she has given to us."

So, Edie, thank you for everything. For laughter. For standing for the right. For loving deeply. For encouraging. For inspiring. For making Christ your home. For living a Life in Grace. You are very much loved indeed.

I am thankful to be a small part of this wonderful & crazy world called blogland. Yes, there are days when you feel overwhelmed like you need to redo your home & buy all new clothes & throw the best themed birthday party of all time & even learn to breastfeed & then come home & blog all about it. But it doesn't have to be like that. Living a life of comparison will literally drive you mad. As long as I can keep to the original intent... to document our life, with words & with pictures, then I dig this land of blog. Moreover, I have friends that I may never have met in this life. Like Edie. And like so many of you.

happy belated birthday, Edie!
praying the Lord's presence & peace to be very near to you & yours.


  1. I absolutely LOVED reading this post. I have SO thought this in my head before, "there are days when you feel overwhelmed like you need to redo your home & buy all new clothes & throw the best themed birthday party of all time & even learn to breastfeed & then come home & blog all about it". Thanks for blogging!

  2. PS--What font is your blog post titles? I love it.

  3. Her story is heart breaking. Just came across her blog the other day. I am so happy we "met". although I still want to do it in person :)

  4. A great of the best...I love Edie and I love your blog....

  5. great post. i'm going to start following this blog on the reg. and i am so very happy i got to be your friend through wonderful blogland.


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