Tuesday, January 11, 2011

grab a snack

You might need one before, during & after this post...
Let's rewind just a bit, shall we? Perhaps you recall that Justin & I took the month of December off to visit friends & family. We packed up all our belongings in Dallas, Texas, and 12.5 hours later slept in our very own bed in our very house that we still own and would love to sell to you in Alabama.
The Great Road Trip of 2010 had officially begun. Here are some tour highlights...

Tuscaloosa/ Northport, Alabama

my sweet friend Lynn

I met baby Robinson for the first time on this trip. He equals absolute sweetness.

some of the greatest women I know... Genny, Leigh & Tamara
{genny is due to have a baby girl any day now, leigh is baby R's mama & tamara had her third sweet baby girl not many days after this shot was taken... I think it's in the water}

the other halves... Bryan, J and Troy

Family Reunion
J & my sweet Nana

Nana laughing, which meant she had us rolling I'm sure

cousins with more in common than black turtlenecks

baby Sam... maybe you remember him from Texas?

Nashville, Tennessee
bffs rob & hillary

lovely event called Evening in December we attended with the Humphreys

sarah chapman may have one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard
perhaps she gets it from her mama... the talented amy grant

we always leave the Humphreys encouraged and rested and looking forward
 to the next time we're together

nashville also brought us dinner with these folks... my grad school bestie Val

I think her man Bob & J were separated at birth.
We pick up where we left off. We laugh all night. We never want to leave.

Louisville, Kentucky
arriving at the Crews house felt like we were arriving home
John & Allie are family to us & it had been too long since our last visit

this little man was brand new the last time we saw him

sweet caroline

i think J and Collins were watching Cars...
 this is quite possibly one of the sweetest pics ever to me

lunch date with Julia & Allie

the so very lovely & talented JLB

kickin' it old school with lance & julia
{these guys knew us before J and I even dated}
we laughed so hard this night I think I hurt myself

Our buddy Jason.
The seminary graduate.

the Reverend & his missus

justin & the great scholar... you have to watch those two...

and you might have to watch us, too...

Pit stop in Athens, Alabama

J's uncle & his family happen to be neighbors to our longtime family friends pictured below

The Moores.
cue It's a Small World.

Birmingham, Alabama

dinner at Will & Rachel's
love.love.love them. really love them.

remember this tree? It belongs to my bff Allison aka Sassy and her man Trey

The last ornament was in its perfect place. Ahh. Beautiful tree.
Then at the exact moment I took the Woodruff Family Christmas Tree Pic of 2010...
that beautiful tree fell over.
Please notice J and Trey on the floor making the tree vertical again.

Mobile, Alabama

Somehow, we ended up without a single picture from Christmas at J's mom's. I guess I needed a break. Even if we are pictureless, we had a really nice Christmas with Gail. She gave me some of J's pictures from childhood & I treasure them already.

Troy, Alabama

J's Troy family... Rett & Donna

college friends Whitney & Bryant
{and baby makes three!}

After our visit in Troy, we reached our final destination... my parent's house.
It was so good to be home for the holidays... a whole other post for a whole different day.

Told you to fix a snack.


  1. love, love, love the tour recap. i'm especially fond of the louisville stop... but i guess i'm partial.

  2. Thank you for sharing about the Great Road Trip of 2010. You certainly had a lot of stops and a lot of love. I'm so glad you got to experience it. We love you guys and can't wait to hear about life in your new home!

  3. so glad you had a great trip. hope to see more posts (of the holidays) and of your new digs in NYC soon. love you.

  4. Love this post. We never want you guys to leave either. Ever. One of these times, you must stay with us so that we can stay up late and make Rice Krispie Treats. Love you!

  5. great road trip, great pics, great recap!


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