Wednesday, January 26, 2011

choosing what matters most

    J & I have had alot of big moments lately. Perhaps a good bit of that could be accredited to this very big city in which we are living. Seeing the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, for instance, was big... both the moment and the actual tree. While I love those big moments, there's something to be said for the little things, too.

like a painting from our nearly two-year-old godson Herreson

or my favorite dish soap, kitchen towels & anthro bowls

my apron from my bff Sassy

vintage tablecloth my Dad bought for me at a California antique shop

making things with what you have

favorite stamps hands-down

SweeTarts conversation hearts
{that were neither sweet nor tart, but instead very stale... instant table decor}

this may be my fav

a new-to-us {read: free} bench perfect for our mudroom

and then this beauty... the inside of our church here in the city

   So the big moments? I love them. Take advantage of them. Embrace & capture them. The little things? The majority of those things pictured above travel around with us from place to place making each new city feel familiar... like home should feel.
    What really matters the most, though? Our pastor has been speaking on making choices & choosing the things that matter the most. His charge to us has left me affected, marking my heart in a way that can't be quickly shaken. How can I put those words into action? What does it mean to choose what matters most in the average day?  Here are some of my own resolutions...

Placing my hope in Christ
knowing I will be deeply saddened & disappointed if I put my hope in anyone or anything else
Loving my husband
spending quality time with him, seeking ways to meet his needs, not looking for ways to meet my own
Being a good steward
of my time, of my resources, of my health
Counting others
as more important than myself

   When given an opportunity to choose, I want to choose the thing that matters most... and to know there's freedom to enjoy the big moments of life as well as the little things... even if the SweeTarts weren't really sweet or tart after all.


  1. I have to agree, it's the little things; the familiar things, that have made these opportunities great. What's even better is to see that people everywhere (even NYC) thrive off the same things- the comforts of home.


  2. Oh, Molly, how I love your style...I love all the things that make you feel at home, and I'm glad you have them. I hope your day is filled with good small choices that make up our lives. James is whining, so I must leave off here. :) And we truly have missed our painters.

  3. yes. good post. love your vintage table cloth... and that adorable bench. you're right... it's the little things that make a big difference sometimes.

  4. I love this post, Molly. And thank you so much for you sweet note. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers so very much.

  5. I am so happy that herresons painting is one of your favorite things!!! I love you and miss you ooohhhhh sooooo much~


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