Saturday, September 25, 2010

thoughts on authenticity & finding my voice

So. I've done a good bit of thinking lately... a lot of typical thoughts. What to cook for dinner? Something healthy, yet tasty... sometimes easier said than done. What to wear? Hard to dress for Fall when it's still 90 outside. Then, I've been doing a lot of thinking in relation to this lil' blog of mine.

I've reflected on posts past. A veritable walk down memory lane, no doubt. When I first started this blog, I wasn't really committed. An occasional blogger of sorts. Deep inside there was a hope, of course. A hope that my blog consisting of maybe three entries at the time {gasp!} would one day become my own, my very own. It was mine already, but you know what I mean. I became more a blog reader than an actual blogger. I found some blogs that were okay, some that were downright lovely and then there were those that absolutely resonated with me. I still come across those today and my response is the same every time, "That's what I want my blog to be! I want that!" Now before dreams of bloggy backgrounds start dancing in your head, let me clarify. While aesthetically pleasing blog designs are just that...aesthetically pleasing... that's not the sum of my desire. Do I want my blog to be inviting & not repulsive? Well, yeah. But more than that. I want my voice to be there. I want you to walk away and feel like you know me a little bit better... not because I'm a narcissist & think I'm all that, but because isn't that what friends do? You meet. You decide to go for coffee & you leave feeling like you know the person a little bit better... the things that make them unique. Like my friend Vonni. When she & I met last week for coffee I found out that she actually doesn't like coffee at all. She likes tea. So tea she ordered.

Another desire I have is to be real. Authentic is the particular word that comes to mind. Mister Webster says that being authentic means being true to one's own personality, spirit or character. I like that. I want to be that. In doing so, I need you to know that life is not always a party {like the lovely Stella & Dot party I attended last night... another post for another day}. Life is hard. Sometimes it is messy. It's not always a blog-worthy-event-producing-blog-worthy pictures. It's not always a delicious meal. Sometimes it's a grilled cheese sammy for dinner because nothing else will produce itself from my cupboard. But that's okay. I can find joy in the grilled cheese nights. I can choose to be true to my own personality even then.

So, in short, there's my thoughts as of late. I have a strong desire to be my most authentic self here on these pages {pages? screens?}. I'd like to be encouraging. I'd really love to make you laugh. But mostly, I want to find my voice. To own it. To know that I'm being real & authentic...even when life is harder at times. My hope is that you will find a little bit more about me each time you visit. And maybe we could even be friends? I'd be down with that.

In the spirit of getting to know one another, tell me... 

how do you like your coffee? Or do you prefer tea?
personally, i like my coffee blonde
preferably & most specifically with CoffeeMate French Vanilla Sugar Free creamer (the liquid not the powder) 
with several spoonfuls of Splenda
whew. glad i got that off my chest...

Monday, September 20, 2010

a saturday in review

we started our Saturday in Fort Worth at Rahr & Sons Brewing Company

lagers & stouts fought for affection

sweet cousin Karis & me

friendly little husband & wife competition

off to explore more of downtown

Sundance Square quickly won me over

beautiful tree-lined downtown

amazing shopping

and then there was this place... Schakolad Chocolate Factory

we found some of the most amazing offerings

karis chose a little red velvet treat

in good conscience I couldn't pick just one
so J & I picked several

the time had come to make our way home when i saw her.
i have a namesake...
molly the trolley

i like this place

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

our new city

lately our new city has looked like this

once we were able to fashion a raft & explore a bit we found a great market...
Central Market, that is

we also discovered pinkberry

we visited the stockyards & decided we must return when we can have a longer visit

 I must go back when this store is open...
those beautiful boots all lined up in a sweet little row saying, pick me! pick me!
much like the apron in California, J says boots don't talk, but I beg to differ

another hopeful stop on our next stockyard date

such a cool sight to see these beauties out for an evening jaunt

this lovely spoke to me with those beautiful, intense eyes
i think we could be friends, she & I

most recently our adventures touring about landed us at this cool joint
an actual house turned coffeehouse
my high school friend Deanna now lives in Dallas so bonus! she joined us!

justin made friends with the locals...anyone surprised?

he had a white chocolate milkshake that was oh so tasty

 Deanna chose the schnozzberry smoothie

all the while I had my eye on this snazzy chair

as well as my chillin' spot for the next time we visit Crooked Tree
the green velvet couch

although, as I took this picture Justin made the comment that it looks like I'm a weird stalker standing on someone's front porch taking a picture of them lounging in the comfort of their own home
kinda does, huh?

oh well. I'm still going back to sit on that couch...
edit... and going back to procure a pair of those fine boots...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i am dreaming of . . .

cool weather
changing leaves
spice scented candles
long sleeved tees
cozy nights
gentle breeze
football games
my man & me

Fall, you are welcome here.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

and we're back . . .

j & I are still settling into our new home in Dallas
 we have been on an internet vacation...
a time that was part bliss/ part maddening

my aunt took us to one of her favorite restaurants in South Lake
let's just say we'll be back
my sweet cousin Karis & her man
we've always had a special bond
I arrived on her 8th birthday... can you say Best Present Ever?!
we have sampled beverages

experienced new foods

someone suggested I try the above mentioned beverage
Nutty Brewnette... clever

sin on a plate

welcome to eatzi's
this market has a very European feel to it which I dig
you can sample, eat in, take out

I think we did all three!
dear world wide web... I enjoyed your absence, but it's good to have you back
Dallas, I think you're a keeper