Monday, June 28, 2010

right now at this very moment . . .

I Am loving life on the West coast
I Have many things to be thankful for
I Wish all the people we love could come visit us
I Want a pair of Tom’s wedges
I Fear losing the people I love
I Hear crows squawk on a daily basis
I Search for shoes that are comfortable for city life, but are still really cute
I Wonder what our children will be like
I Regret the absence of Chick-fil-a in Northern California
I Love Justin Rigoloso with all my heart
I Always fold towels a certain way every.single.time
I Usually fast-forward thru commercials. Dear DVR, you are missed, my friend
I Am Not a fan of scary movies...or techno...or a combination of the two
I Sing like a girl
I Never want to be complacent
I Cry when I’m sad about stuff
I Am Not Always perfect & I am trying to be okay with that
I Need a caramel frappuccino + a local paper + my man. Wonderful date.

All right, friends.
Comments are open and welcome.
Your turn.
Tell me about you.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

a reminder for my man

if i needed you, would you come to me?
would you come to me and ease my pain?

if you needed me, i would come to you
i would swim the sea for to ease your pain.

{lyrics by Townes van Zandt. photos by w+e photographie}

Saturday, June 19, 2010

He calls me doodlebug. . .

I am my Father's daughter... in more ways than my Mom can count.

Happy Birthday to you, Dad!

Thank you for providing me with a home filled with unconditional love &
 a multitude of happy memories.

I love that you gained a son the day I got married.
I am so thankful for the relationship you & J have.

I love that you are strong, yet gentle.
Manly, but kind. Deep, yet funny.
I love that you work hard & play hard.

You are and always will be one of my very favorite people.

Happy Birthday from the West Coast!
we love you!

A good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children...
Proverbs 13v22

{last picture credit w+e photograhie}

Thursday, June 17, 2010

miss pearl's jam house & jack london square

hello friends.
greetings from Oakland.
{jlb: note my chic about 30 minutes it was around my neck for warmth!}

one of the locals suggested we visit Miss Pearl's Jam House.
seems as though Miss Pearl made it her mission to provide us with some fine concoctions to imbibe.

Don't mind if we do...

jalapeƱo skillet cornbread with honey butter

grilled mac n cheese still bubbling.
i didn't know we could find food like this outside of Alabama.

not only did we find it...
we destroyed it.
and then it was time to take a walk.
so walk we did.

Jack London Square is located along Oakland's waterfront with views of Alameda & San Francisco.


remember this guy?
good ole Jack himself.
J was glad he got to say hello in person...well, kind of.

i suggest you go to Miss Pearl's sooner rather than later.
or better yet...come visit & we'll go together!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

we built this city. . .

okay, so we didn't actually build this city, but we did cover a good bit of it this weekend!

you can thank me later for the song playing in your head right now.

we boarded our first cable car & headed for Fisherman's Wharf

along the way, we made a new friend.
this was her first trip to the U.S. from her native Japan.
we were the first Americans she met.
she & her boyfriend really wanted their picture made with us. funny.
love the peace sign.

sweet husband who lets me take a bazillion pics of him

next stop...
Ghiradelli Square
we shared a chocolate & caramel milkshake

and it was not good... not good at all...

such a cute store

love the silhouettes

elizabeth W offered some lovely things

this apron said it really wanted to come home with me... J said aprons can't talk

a tea salon... adorable

tea for two

welcome to the crookedest street in San Francisco

also known as Lombard Street

view from the top

and lastly... who can resist a fun red door?

it was a busy day.
it was a great day.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

right now I am. . .

wishing I had some more of J's homemade guacamole... yum
feeling more at home since I located one of my favorite places under the sun
 excited to spend more time in San Francisco this weekend...
only made it over for a brief dinner last weekend  
loving that this is what the locals do on a typical Saturday morning
wondering exactly how long it would take you to cook your way through 20lbs of rice?
I think it would take me a while...I typically buy the {smaller} one pound bag.
This may be the largest bag of rice I have ever seen.