Saturday, November 13, 2010

a thanksgiving meal + friends

One of our favorite things about living in Dallas has been getting involved at The Village Church. In our short time here, we have been blessed with some amazing friends. Most recently we shared a traditional Thanksgiving meal together and let me tell you... it was nothing short of fabulous.

turkey. macaroni & cheese. sweet potato souffle. green bean casserole. stuffing.
squash casserole. corn on the cob. hallelujah & amen. it was delicious.

a partial group shot

some of my fav girls
Ahn, Gail & Vonni

the baker of the group & her homemade apple pie

i told her she should open her own bakery because... for real... she should

and then there's Hollie & Chris
one of the sweetest couples ever... and congrats to them... they just got engaged!!! yay!

It was an evening of much celebration & happy hearts.

Next up, J got a call from a college buddy/fraternity brother of his from back in the day who happens to work in Dallas & live close by. Pretty cool, huh?
We met up with him & his wife and shared a delicious meal.
I do love reconnecting with friends.

And lastly, on such a thankful note, meet Lauren.
Lauren & Justin met several weeks ago under less than ideal circumstances. She was one of J's patients & a critical one at that. Justin can typically separate himself from work emotions when he's not at the hospital, but Lauren's case was different. Each day he would come home with a report for me. 'Well, today was a good day for Lauren' or 'Man, I sure hope Lauren pulls through tonight.' Justin has become good friends with Lauren's family. We have prayed for them during the hard times & cheered them on during the good. I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren & her family last week and I must say it was such a joy. I am happy to report that Lauren is doing so well! She even walked for the very first time the day I took this picture. We are thankful for you, Lauren, and we will continue to cheer you on & pray for the very best for you!

I am so thankful for friendships that run deep and long and true through hard times & happy ones, too.

I'll be back soon with one of my fav winter treats & one of! Meanwhile, I'm gearing up for more Thanksgiving excitement, Christmas card planning & making the most of our last two weeks as Texans.

ps I totally asked Lauren's permission to post about her & her life...just in case any of you out there work for Hipaa.


  1. are you guys moving out of Texas?? Where to next?

  2. oh what a fun time you all must be having. Lauren seems like quite a special girl. So does this mean you are heading back to Alabama?

  3. I love meeting your friends via Blogland. God is so gracious to give you and J so many wonderful friends along your adventure. I believed that He would. Gifts that last forever! Love to you, Mom

  4. What I would give to get in on that apple pie. ;)

    Prayers coming Lauren's way.


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