Tuesday, November 30, 2010

coming to a city near you

The time has come. Our jaunt in Texas has come to a close. We started off shaky, Texas, you and I. When we arrived your weather stole my breath and made me perspire. I wanted to like you, though. So I hung in there with you. Slowly, ever so slowly, you brought some cool(er) weather... and even some friends. Some old, some new. I even like your mix of city & cowboy, of uptown & country. You're not so bad, after all, Texas. In fact, I like you. We'll come back to visit, no worries.

Up next... The Great Roadtrip of 2010. That's right, Justin and I are leaving out first thing in the morning (Lord, help us, I'm not a morning person and neither is my man) to make the drive home. Home to Alabama.  After we rest from the initial 12 hour drive, we will take a little tour to see friends & family...those folks that we love so greatly and haven't seen in far too long.

Our hearts are greatful for this opportunity to journey home. To take the month of December off to spend time sitting by fires bundled with quilts, hot chocolate or perhaps wine in hand. To laugh. To talk. To listen. To rest. To give. To receive. My prayer for us is to be present. To know that we have planned and prepared for this month and now that it is here, to enjoy it, to rest in it. To soak in every last drop of the richness that is family and friends... and most importantly, the grace of the Lord upon us in the form of the infant Christ.

December, we welcome you with open arms & expectant hearts & reckless abandon.
And we promise to be present.

Coming to a city near you...
Tuscaloosa, Alabama // Nashville, Tennessee // Louisville, Kentucky // Birmingham, Alabama // Mobile, Alabama // Troy, Alabama // Headland &  Dothan, Alabama

ps my internet activity may be sporadic, but I plan to be present here in blogland as well. I have not forgotten that I promised a post about one of my fav winter treats... check back soon, would you?

here's a little hint...


  1. What a sweet post...and good reminder to be present. Your plans sound fabulous! Have fun!

  2. Texas will miss you oh so much! But we have very much enjoyed having you here. Love you more than ever and will miss you more now having had you close.
    Blessings on your drive and your time with friends and family!
    BTW See you Friday:)

  3. WOOOOHOOOOO!!! yay for louisville making the tour cut:) can't wait.

  4. Yay yay yay! Can't wait til the Nashville part of your road trip.

    Love you guys!

  5. i am sooooo ready for some molly and justin time!!! I love yall, be safe!

  6. Hope you had a pleasant road trip! Can't wait to see what sweet treats await :)


  7. Please tell me you're making peppermint bark! :) I love you! Come back soon!

  8. molly, i got your christmas card yesterday. it made me so happy. you and the hubs are precious.

    thanks, friend. :)

  9. yay! If you have the time and only if then I would love to officially meet. um, did you know I adore peppermint anything!

  10. Wait, I'm confused...why are you leaving Texy? I'm so behind after my absence! I would like to visit all of those cities too! :)


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