Monday, October 11, 2010

a very special Birthday post

today is my Mama's birthday

she is one of my very favorite people

we have a good time together

while she visited us last week in Dallas we took every opportunity to celebrate
beginning at Harvest High Tea at the Dallas Arboretum

our favorite tea was peach cinnamon hibiscus
followed by butternut squash soup with bruschetta

our next courses included tea sandwiches & desserts
we did not know we could be so full with such dainty portions!

a tour of the gardens was next on the agenda

we decidely fell for the poetry garden
can you just imagine the beautiful words that were born in this lovely place?

one of the highlights at the arboretum during the Fall is the Storybook Village
home to houses made of all manner of pumpkins

we personally liked this little cottage the best
even if it wasn't made of gourds

back at the ranch
(and by ranch I do mean corporate apartment)
we finally found a good use for the weird & random mirrored wall in our dining room...
group shot

our birthday dinner for Mom included
gnocchi with creamy tomato sauce, asian pears & manchego & J's secret bread recipe
watch out, Dallas Arboretum!

mascarpone cream cheese birthday cake // yumm

you are one of the loveliest women I know.
i am honored to be your daughter.
even if we weren't related, I'd still want to be your friend.
thank you for being my strong encourager & greatest fan.
i want to be like you.
happy day to you!

p.s. we are still enjoying your birthday flowers!
we love you,
m & j


  1. happy birthday mama! that cake looks divine...

  2. PLEASE bring me some butternut squash soup and bruschetta! Those were beautiful photographs. I loved the houses made of pumpkins. Your mama is a very lovely woman, and the cake was not too shabby looking either. :)

  3. happy birthday to your sweet mama!

  4. Ok, to start our friendship, you're going to have to teach me how to make a cool and unique blog...seriously! I need help!! :)


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