Friday, October 15, 2010

the Texas State Fair

so they say everything's bigger in Texas...
this is Big Tex, an icon of the Texas State Fair.

riding the lift gave us an awesome view
look thru the ferris wheel & you'll catch a glimpse of the Dallas skyline

made of butter
for real? for real.
by New York-based sculptor Sharon BuMann
the first of many low-calorie foods we enjoyed
that's right. low calorie.

i love a parade
the floats. the lights. the drums. the glittah of it all.
these fellas were ahmazing
i can add jammin' with the shriners to my list of things i experienced & loved in TX
an absolute fair must
oh, I'm suppose to share?
i'll just say it.
a banana channeling bob marley?
what kid goes to the fair thinking,
 Man, I sure hope I win the Large Rastafarian Banana?!
and then there was the ferris wheel.
standing proudly at 212 feet high.
for the most part I am not afraid of heights, but ferris wheels tend to make me a little...anxious?

oh, but she was so pretty!
and I knew I would be so disappointed in myself if i let the opportunity pass
to meet her up close & personal.

I totally own the fact that I may have left a mark on my dear friend Deanna.
sorry bout that, friend.

My only regret? Not winning that weird banana.


  1. love me some low calorie fair food.... cotton candy, funnel cakes, snow cones... love it all.

  2. I think my favorite part was jamming with the Shriners. :)

  3. Oh my goodness! So much fun! Dang, I wish I was there! And Hayley would go nuts about that butter sculpture. She's I catch her eating it out of the container with a spoon...gross.

  4. fun!!! why am i not with you? However, i am pretty sure you recently just visited us and took some super cute pics with an ohhh so cute little boy!! where are they?

    I LOVE You and MISSaa you so badly!


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