Monday, October 18, 2010

austin in review

so this past weekend we packed up our bags & our boots
and headed to Austin, Texas
to see these folks...

two of our very best friends from college
meet amy & josh.

bff + lylas and all that

our first of many meals was at Polvos
it did.not.disappoint.

they probably don't write about it in their diaries, but don't be fooled... the boys are bff, too.

rockin' our boots
next up, we visited Amy's favorite farmer's market
       and then, oh and then! Torchy's Tacos.
while we waited for our insanely delicious Trashy Trailer Park Taco,
 we attempted to get a fun pic of amy & j, but the lighting was weird...
made for some good laughs, though.
our next adventure landed us on South Congress

sweet graffiti

amy introduced us to the coolest shop...
uncommon objects
cameras weren't allowed inside, so I guess you'll just have to trust me
or come visit and we'll go together!

Big Top Candy Shop & Soda Fountain

a very happenin' place

decisions... decisions...

dinner took place at Home Slice pizza
love the father//son matching 'stache

great friends + delicious food + beautiful surroundings are hard to beat

hey cupcake! provided dessert
out of an airstream trailer! what a sweet gig...

be still my heart...
yummy desserts with a label to match

as if our weekend were not already complete, amy & josh sent us home with such a thoughtful gift... delicious treats all native to Austin. thanks, guys! yall rock.

What is a friend? I will tell you...
it is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.
Frank Crane


  1. YAY for fun and friends . . . and precious pictures below too :)

  2. these pictures are so, so fun! glad you guys had such a great time! love the graffiti wall photo...

  3. The entire trip looks like a blast. And I love the boots. Julia needs one of those graffit walls for photos...very cool.

  4. I am so jealous, but so glad yall got to hang out! looks like lots of fun!!!

  5. what a fun post! I love reading your blog now..seriously...I go straight to it. :)

  6. I love your cowboy boots! And, I have Amy's boots. Great pics and GREAT food. Yay Austin!

  7. Hooray! Thanks so much for coming! SOOOO much fun! Can't wait to see you again soon :)

  8. what a cute couple you are! Love your cowboy boots! I haven't worn cowboy boots since forever! I saved them for my daughter when she grows up. Thought it might be fun for her to wear something "vintage" from my past! Trip looks fun, never been there!

  9. So wish I were tagging along with you! looks like so much fun. LOVE the boots.


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