Saturday, September 25, 2010

thoughts on authenticity & finding my voice

So. I've done a good bit of thinking lately... a lot of typical thoughts. What to cook for dinner? Something healthy, yet tasty... sometimes easier said than done. What to wear? Hard to dress for Fall when it's still 90 outside. Then, I've been doing a lot of thinking in relation to this lil' blog of mine.

I've reflected on posts past. A veritable walk down memory lane, no doubt. When I first started this blog, I wasn't really committed. An occasional blogger of sorts. Deep inside there was a hope, of course. A hope that my blog consisting of maybe three entries at the time {gasp!} would one day become my own, my very own. It was mine already, but you know what I mean. I became more a blog reader than an actual blogger. I found some blogs that were okay, some that were downright lovely and then there were those that absolutely resonated with me. I still come across those today and my response is the same every time, "That's what I want my blog to be! I want that!" Now before dreams of bloggy backgrounds start dancing in your head, let me clarify. While aesthetically pleasing blog designs are just that...aesthetically pleasing... that's not the sum of my desire. Do I want my blog to be inviting & not repulsive? Well, yeah. But more than that. I want my voice to be there. I want you to walk away and feel like you know me a little bit better... not because I'm a narcissist & think I'm all that, but because isn't that what friends do? You meet. You decide to go for coffee & you leave feeling like you know the person a little bit better... the things that make them unique. Like my friend Vonni. When she & I met last week for coffee I found out that she actually doesn't like coffee at all. She likes tea. So tea she ordered.

Another desire I have is to be real. Authentic is the particular word that comes to mind. Mister Webster says that being authentic means being true to one's own personality, spirit or character. I like that. I want to be that. In doing so, I need you to know that life is not always a party {like the lovely Stella & Dot party I attended last night... another post for another day}. Life is hard. Sometimes it is messy. It's not always a blog-worthy-event-producing-blog-worthy pictures. It's not always a delicious meal. Sometimes it's a grilled cheese sammy for dinner because nothing else will produce itself from my cupboard. But that's okay. I can find joy in the grilled cheese nights. I can choose to be true to my own personality even then.

So, in short, there's my thoughts as of late. I have a strong desire to be my most authentic self here on these pages {pages? screens?}. I'd like to be encouraging. I'd really love to make you laugh. But mostly, I want to find my voice. To own it. To know that I'm being real & authentic...even when life is harder at times. My hope is that you will find a little bit more about me each time you visit. And maybe we could even be friends? I'd be down with that.

In the spirit of getting to know one another, tell me... 

how do you like your coffee? Or do you prefer tea?
personally, i like my coffee blonde
preferably & most specifically with CoffeeMate French Vanilla Sugar Free creamer (the liquid not the powder) 
with several spoonfuls of Splenda
whew. glad i got that off my chest...


  1. I completely agree with you, sweet Molly. The blogs I enjoy reading most are written by those unafraid to write what they are really thinking and feeling. I long to be so brave without wondering about what so and so might think of some part of who I am. You are very lovely. And personally, I would rather have Diet Mountain Dew, or Diet Sunkist, or Diet Pepsi than coffee or tea.
    Lynn (this may post under KJ's email)

  2. Always coffee with soy or almond milk...unless I'm feeling snazzy and I grab a triple-venti-soy-late at the Buxx.

    I think you are doing a great job of being real & authentic. I love reading your blog, looking at your photos, and getting to know more about you. I'm glad we have become friends...and I can't wait to meet you in real life. :)

  3. Hi Molly Mitchell . . . Rigoloso! Its been a while . . . a long while. Soooo I thought I would tell you I like my coffee any way (black, creamer, milk, sugar) . . . just as long as I can have some. And generally, I like a cup (or three) in the morning and then a small cup in the afternoon. :)
    I found your blog a couple of months ago, and you should know I've enjoyed keeping up with your adventures and getting to know you again through it! :)
    Blessings to you and yours!
    Jessica Manning . . . Goolsby

  4. I just adore you and your blog! If it weren't for blogging we may have never "met" and that would just be sad.

    I love tea but will get an occasional decaf, sugar free, skinny, caramel latte :)

  5. MKM-R... I love you and your blog and will continue to read it rain or shine for years to come. And as if further proof of our kindred spirit-ness is really needed, I also prefer my coffee blonde with vanilla creamer (liquid not powder, naturally) and 2 little packets of Splenda!

  6. i love your blog too...

    i like starbucks expresso roast made at home with the french press. with a touch of good ole sugar (not splenda, sweet-n-low, etc) and lots of 1/2 and 1/2 (not the fat free kind either).

    look forward to the new spin on your blog. i use mine more as a memory album of the kids and our life. but, like you i would love to put more of my fingerprint on it.

    thanks for sharing your journey...

  7. love the blog. i always feel like you are authentic... which is exactly why i love your blog. it feels real. and that, my friend, i can appreciate.

    oh. and i'm a tea drinker. specifically earl grey, with lots of sugar (shocking, i know)... but occasionally i'll head over to starbucks for a tall caramel frap... or a caramel apple spice, which doesn't really count as coffee or tea..

  8. You are precious, dear Molly. I love your "realness" so very much.

    And as far as coffee or tea? Well, before my first child . . . occasional tea. After my first child . . . tea time was a treat. After child #2 . . . bring on the coffee!! I personally like a skinny vanilla latte. But white chocolate mochas and the seasonal pumpkin spice lattes are a fave too!

  9. If I'm out and about: Decaf Soy White Mocha No Whip (aka: lactose intolerant) At home: A couple of Splenda's ;) Thank you for your sweet comment and encouragement on my blog. I truly appreciate your prayers!

  10. I love this post, Molly! I feel your authenticity in every update. That's why I keep coming back!

    I like my coffee with agave syrup and half & half :)

    xo, Natanya

  11. Ah...I think we all struggle with this..well, maybe not everybody. We tend to blog about the fun
    & good things and I sometimes I feel like a fraud. I like my coffee a lot like you. My husband is appalled at the amount of sugar I dump into that mug!


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